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Earl and Countess of Wessex set to continue touring for Duke of Edinburgh award

The Earl and Countess of Wessex are set to continue their travels across the globe with the aim of promoting the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Prince Edward is planning to travel to the USA to visit participants of the scheme in Chicago on the 25th and 26th February. Alongside this, both the Earl and Countess are set to visit Barbados from the 27th February to the 2nd March, and then will move on to visit Jamaica from the 2nd to the 5th March.


Throughout 2013, the Earl and Countess travelled to various countries as part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. These visits included trips to Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa and Zambia, amongst other counties.

In relation to these recent travel plans, in October 2013, the Countess of Wessex was named as the first Global Ambassador for the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Sophie received this ambassadorship during her trip to South Africa where she learnt how the Duke of Edinburgh scheme was helping young people in the local community.

Prince Edward is expected to be made Duke of Edinburgh after his father dies, so it is assumed that the Earl will then continue his work with the Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme. With this in mind, the Countess of Wessex would become the Duchess of Edinburgh.

photo credit: Surrey County Council News via photopin

  • tjm

    Prince Edward will be made Duke of Edinburgh following the deaths of both of his parents. Should the Duke of Edinburgh predecease Her Majesty, the title will be inherited by the Prince of Wales. Once he becomes King, and the title is assumed by the Crown, it will once again be created for Prince Edward. Should Her Majesty predecease the Duke of Edinburgh, the title would automatically be assumed by the Crown and thus be available as a new creation.

    • Saliboy

      Actually, should Her Majesty predecease the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales becomes Sovereign but the title of Duke of Edinburgh is not automatically assumed by the Crown. Remember the title was created for the current holder, and not for the then Princess Elizabeth. The title remains with HRH until his demise at which time it will then devolve to the Crown.

  • Karim Sadrudin Juma

    Earl Of Wessex His Royal Highness Prince Edward and Countess of Wessex Her Royal Highness Sophie had traveled for giving Duke Of Edinburgh to Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa and Zambia to Present these Awards. The Countess was named Global Ambassador of International Duke of Edinburgh and if Prince Philip Passes then Earl and Countess of Wessex will be named Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh and Continue the work as they are doing now of Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh. Thank You for the Scoop News Editor Jessica Hope.

  • june jeung

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  • june jeung

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  • artemis11

    Since the award comes with no money, just a scrap of paper, but accepts public donations … and these two pseudo-celebs go on 5-star junkets around the world to hand out these certificates – using said donations to fund their first class airline tickets and luxury hotel suites – this seems like quite the boondoggle. Really sick — sucking up a lot of money from donors who might otherwise give it to the Red Cross or Oxfam, then funneling it into holidays for an earl and his wife. These people never cease to amaze with how sick and greedy they are –

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