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Sarah, Duchess of York: “Stop bullying the York Family”

Sarah, Duchess of York has urged the media to “stop bullying the York family”following recent news reports speculating on Princess Beatrice & Princess Eugenie’s life.

Sarah Ferguson, who is the mother of Beatrice & Eugenie and was once married to Prince Andrew, said that the media should

Photo Credit: GuitarStrummer56 via Wikimedia Commons CC

focus on the sister’s charity work and “stop bullying”.


Speaking of their work with the Teenage Cancer Trust, Sarah said: “Both the duke and myself, we could not be more proud of this moment because these two girls that work so hard in their own careers have taken time off today to spread the word of teen cancer, which is so important, and then go back to work.

“It’s really an extraordinary example that, I think, good parenting and listening to your children and getting them to take responsibility for their own actions.”

“Let’s focus more on this and less on tittle-tattle gossip. Stop bullying the York family, please.”

Ms Ferguson made the comments shortly before The Duke of York released an unprecedented statement calling on the media to stop speculating on his daughters’ personal lives, and denied he and Prince Charles are in the midst of a bitter row.

In his statement, the Duke of York said: “Over the past few weeks a number of stories have been run in various newspapers that have no basis of fact and the most recent, relating to my daughters, requires correction to terminate further speculation and innuendo.

“To clarify:

  • It is a complete fabrication to suggest I have asked for any future husbands of the Princesses to have titles.
  • There is no truth to the story that there could be a split between The Prince of Wales and I over my daughters’ participation as members of the Royal Family and any continued speculation is pointless.

“As a father, my wish for my daughters is for them to be modern working young women, who happen to be Members of the Royal Family, and I am delighted to see them building their careers. When they do support the Royal Family in its work this is very much appreciated  by my Family and most importantly by these organisations and to those whom their participation makes such a difference to their lives.

“Whilst I appreciate, as Granddaughters of The Queen, there is considerable interest in my daughters, I cannot continue to stand by and have the media speculate on their futures based on my purported interventions, which are completely made up and an invention.”

The statement, which has many typos, is unprecedented for a member of the Royal Family in such a senior position.

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