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Princess Eugenie’s heartfelt interview with The Salvation Army to end human trafficking

“I think it’s everyone’s opportunity and duty to #askthequestion and to support this campaign in any way possible,” Princess Eugenie of York said in a video where she campaigned for ending human trafficking. Royal Central reported on this when it was first released.
Following her impassioned plea to back this anti-slavery campaign a week and a half ago, she was interviewed by The Salvation Army’s Director of Anti-Trafficking and Modern Slavery, Anne Read.

Princess Eugenie speaks of how her passion to end human trafficking began. She travelled to India with her parents where they met a group of women who were survivors of human trafficking. The 26-year-old had this to say about that experience: “I think that was so shocking. [Modern slavery is] on our own doorstep when you think it is a million miles away.”

“I was completely astounded by the victims. These people were strong, happy… these girls really showed me how to grab life and appreciate things. If they can do it, after what they’ve been through, it’s a huge lesson for people to learn.”

“They are courageous, and everyone who works within modern slavery and who tries to fight for people who don’t have a voice, are courageous.”

The actual crime of human trafficking has increased five-fold since 2011. Eugenie explains why she is lending her support to raising awareness: “The campaign, in general, is brilliant,” she said. “It’s something to make people think, and make people listen and have a look and see what they can do to ask the question.”

“I think raising awareness is such a huge part of modern slavery because no one knows it’s going on as much as it is. There are more slaves now than there were in William Wilberforce’s time and I think it’s such a huge problem, but everyone can do their part to try and effect change.”

You can read more about #AskTheQuestion and The Salvation Army’s campaign to end modern slavery here.

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