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Princess Eugenie releases Video to raise awareness of Modern Slavery

Princess Eugenie, daughter of Prince Andrew, has released a video in partnership with the Salvation Army to raise awareness about the issue of modern slavery.

In the 30-second video, the eighth-in-line to the throne says “I’ve had a chance to see first-hand what The Salvation army can do for victims of trafficking and modern slavery”

The Salvation Army has seen a 27% rise in cases of modern slavery  and estimate that 46 million people are living in modern slavery.

Eugenie talks about some of the services The Salvation Army provide to the victims of modern slavery, of which over 2000 were in England and Wales. “This year I went to visit a safe house and I was completely astounded by the work that they do and by the survivors who have come out of modern slavery.”

The video release marked Anti-Slavery Day and promoted the twitter campaign to get consumers asking businesses if they were slave-free. “I think it’s everyone’s opportunity and duty to #AskTheQuestion and to support this campaign in any way possible to try and effect change and create massive awareness for this cause.”

The Salvation Army hopes the campaign will encourage members of the public to spot the signs of modern slavery and help ensure companies supply chains are slave-free. Salvation Army research showed that 80% of people in the UK did not know that big businesses in the UK were legally obligated to tell people what they were doing to ensure suppliers did not use slave labour.

In the previous week, Eugenie, alongside her sister Princess Beatrice met British Prime Minister Theresa May at Westminster Abbey to help raise awareness on the issue of modern slavery and human trafficking. During the service, the work of William Wilberforce, a leader of the slave trade abolishment movement was commemorated.

For more information on the askthequestion campaign and signs of modern slavery visit

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