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Prince Andrew ‘rams gates’ with car after they fail to open

The Duke of York has reportedly damaged his Range Rover after attempting to ‘ram’ some electric gates after they failed to open at his Windsor home in order to avoid a mile long detour.

According to The Sun newspaper, the sensors on the gates did not work, so instead the 56-year-old tried to force the gates open by ramming his £80,000 vehicle into them.

The gates act as a security measure to protect Windsor Great Park, where the Queen’s son lives in the Royal Lodge, the former home of the late Queen Mother.

After Queen Elizabeth’s death, the Her Majesty gave her son the residence in 2003.

The damage caused by the Duke’s actions is thought to cost in the region of thousands of pounds to repair.

One member of staff working in the park said: “It was a crazy thing to do and we are calling it ‘Park Gate’.

“But seriously, he has a bit of a reputation for roaring around like Toad of Toad Hall and he seems to think he can do what he likes.”

The gates were originally installed to prevent deers from roaming the grounds.

The Windsor estate is managed by the Crown Estate, a commercial business that owns property on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen. A spokesperson declined to comment on the matter.

Prince Andrew has had troubles in the past with his cars. Back in 2013, he received a parking ticket for parking on double yellow lines. However, a parking attendant is thought to have later removed the ticket.

In the same year he was also challenged by armed officers in the grounds of Buckingham Palace after the guards failed to realise who he was. The Prince was told to “put your hands up and get on the ground” after they mistook him for an intruder.

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