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Prince Andrew involved in new Donald Trump controversy

The Duke of York has attracted criticism after saying that a Donald Trump victory in the US presidential election, together with leaving the European Union, would “tear things apart.”
Prince Andrew made the comments when speaking to some of the country’s most influential business leaders at an event held at Windsor Castle last week. However, as expected, some figures have said that the sixth-in-line to the throne should remain impartial on such issues.
The Queen’s son told the entrepreneurs present that : “There was a vote here recently where we agreed to leave one organisation, and there’s a man in the US who it seems wants to leave every organisation.“Combined, they could tear things apart.”

Peter Bone, a Conservative Member of Parliament who campaigned for Britain to leave the EU, said that the Prince’s words were “extraordinary”.

This isn’t the first time the Royal Family have been accused of interfering with the EU Referendum, colloquially known as Brexit in the UK.

In February 2016, the Duke of Cambridge made a speech to foreign diplomats in which some say had subliminal messages which suggested Britain should remain a member state of the EU.

Kensington Palace denied that Prince William was endorsing the United Kingdom’s continued membership of the EU, although many people interpreted it this way.

A palace spokesperson said: “This speech was not about Europe. He does not mention the word Europe once.”

Buckingham Palace has so far declined to comment on the story about The Duke of York.

The vote on Britain’s membership of the EU has caused deep divisions and political upheaval in the UK. It is an extremely contentious topic – everybody has a strong opinion on the matter.

In the immediate aftermath of the news that Britain was to leave the EU, David Cameron resigned, leaving Theresa May to become the UK’s 76th Prime Minister – only the second woman to hold the position.

The leave campaign won with 52% of votes, with the remain campaign only getting 48% of votes.

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