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Poll shows over half of people think Princesses Beatrice & Eugenie should not become full time working royals

A poll conducted by Royal Central shows that over half of people surveyed believe that Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie should not become full time working royals.

The poll, which was conducted on Twitter, shows that 55% of people are against the motion that the York sisters undertake engagements on behalf of the Royal Family, whereas 45% are in favour.

The results of this poll come after the Duke of York and Prince of Wales reportedly had a row over the future roles of Beatrice and Eugenie.

The two daughters currently do not undertake official engagements on behalf of the Royal Family. Prince Andrew would like them to be given tax payer funded roles and accommodation at Kensington Palace.

Although not a representative sample, the closeness of the poll shows how contested the issue is over what role Prince Andrew’s daughters should play in the future of the British monarchy.

In an opinion piece, Charlie Proctor, Editor of Royal Central, says that Beatrice and Eugenie should become full time working royals.

He says: “When Prince Phillip and other older members of the family can no longer conduct engagements, somebody will have to pick up on the extra work. Being as the UK has two Princesses sitting around doing not very much, why not give them responsibilities so they can gradually take over some of the senior family members’ responsibilities?”

In another opinion piece, Royal Central’s Assistant Editor, Jamie Samhan offers an alternate point of view.

She says: “It is not that I don’t think they are capable of the work. They both got exceptional grades at school and can prove themselves when needed but both William and Harry were prepped for these positions since the day they were born. Camilla and Kate also have gone through extensive training to take on their positions. I am sure Beatrice and Eugenie have learned a thing or two but nothing compared to the weekly meetings with Granny Prince William had as a child.”

Do you agree with the results of the poll? Let us know by commenting below:

  • Paul

    The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, The Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra, The Hon. Lady Ogilvy should all retire. Princess Beatrice of York and Princess Eugenie of York should replace them.

  • Scean Hannah

    It wouldn’t hurt if they instead were forced to go to the gym and work out!! For a couple of royals, they’re awfully pudgy!!

    • Briana

      That’s is an awful thing to say about anyone. Who cares what they weigh. They are obviously healthy and that is the only thing that should ever matter.

      • Rosemarie Vaughan

        I agree with you. Behavior and attitude is what counts.

        • luigi pasquali

          So you’re saying that their behavior and attitude are good?

          • micmac

            Do we really know what their attitude is? And since the media doesn’t publicize what they do other than when they are at functions or on holidays, their behaviour does come under scrutiny more so than it might.

      • Ladyhawke

        That’s a slightly low blow. One’s abilities are knot based on appearances.

  • Lee Ann McCarthy

    Has anyone asked the princesses if they would like to become working royals?

  • hyufd

    Eugenie works full time anyway now as an associate director of an art gallery

  • Prince Charming

    One cannot hang out partying, then go out and do royal duties the next day. Duke and Duchess of York, sealed their fate. Both parents are a disgrace. The girls do not appear too friendly towards, Catherine. NO, they should not be full time. Prince Charles, may change his mind later, however. JMOP

    • Camilla, tha garilla

      I say off with the lazy subversive lot of them all and bring back the real monarchy, the family these losers are attempting to portray. JMHO

      • Deanne Masters

        Who might that be

        • micmac

          There is a bloke down South in an old ravine somewhere, who can claim to be the last Plantagenet claimant to the throne, being descended from George, Duke of Clarence, the Yorkist brother of Richard III. The Duke of Clarence was drowned in a butt of malmsey, but his daughter, Margaret de la Pole, Countess of Sussex, who was executed by Henry VIII (Tudor), did have quite a few children.

    • Elizabeth Pease

      Why not? Prince Henry did some partying, with booze, cigarettes and drugs, and even showed up wearing a swastika on an armband, and did royal duties afterward. Give the girls some slack will you? They will never be Queen, so let them live their lives the way they want to

    • Phyllis Pearson

      I hate the idea that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has to curtsey to them. Someone commented on them being snooty, I guess I agree too. They have a lot of growing up to do. Was it Forrest Gump who said ‘Common is as Common does!’

      • micmac

        I don’t think that makes them snooty. Who curtsies to whom merely clarifies what the protocol is on formal occasions, as opposed to meeting on informal occasions, and the difference between meeting Catherine when she is on her own, and when she is with her husband. Poor Sophie, Countess of Wessex, has to curtsy to the lot, which can’t be comfortable for her. When Catherine met Princess Eugenie in New York in December 2014, they seemed to get along fine.

    • micmac

      That is what we are made to think when journalists write in the media. I think that Princess Beatrice, in particular, has been paying the price for her parents’ lack of discretion, especially when she lost her job at Sony after that firm got hacked. The sort of financial jobs she has been undertaking since she worked for Sony would be very shy of having on their staff someone as high profile as Princess Beatrice, and I think all those holidays were just to cover up that, whatever she tried and wherever she went, she was having even more trouble in finding a job than the average, almost anonymous job seeker. I doubt that it helped their relationship with Catherine that her husband failed to help get them involved in past celebrations. Both of the York princesses are patrons of some worthy causes.

  • Canuck Kate

    They’d need to have the Duchess of Cambridge teach them better dress sense and to find a new source of hats!

    • Camilla, tha garilla

      And they should respect themselves enough to stop squatting in someone else’s home.

      • micmac

        And which home would that be?


    Of course they should take more royal responsibility. They are in fact part of the Royal family. It’s ridiculous for them not to.

  • j gourle

    they would abuse the tax payers money like there father FIND A JOB AND EARN YOUR KEEP

  • Celticlass9

    I love the Royal family but I agree with the Queen and Prince Charles, they should NOT be given full time paid roles and Kensington Palace apartments. If they had wanted to do anything like this they would already be doing it, actions speak far more than words in this case. I am sure their father, who has not seen fit to prep them for a public service role would love for the tax payers to take them off his hands!

  • Ishwar Batra

    I agree what Royal Central’s Assistant Editor, Jamie Samhan has said on the subject.

  • leeaundra

    Charles is ultimately going to need more support than just his two sons/spouses. Anne will continue as she is able, as will Edward and Sophie. But the Queen’s cousins are getting close to the bow out stage. Beatrice and Eugenie are British Princesses by birth. Do we even know if they WANT to be royal full time?

    • micmac

      Why can’t they be just part-time royals? That would enable them to continue to work and still be available when required.

    • June Arnott

      They want the money.

  • Philip Martin

    These two girls irritate me beyond belief. They’re just on one big party, flying here there and everywhere with the likes of Richard Branson, and, I suspect, not doing a great deal. Keep them out of Royal duties!

    • micmac

      Not necessarily. Princess Eugenie has worked solidly for first Paddle 8 in New York then transferred to become the associate director of a London art gallery.

    • Ricky Ticky Tavy Captian in th

      Hear! Hear! Hear!

  • Elizabeth Pease

    I thought Beatrice and Eugenie have regular jobs just like the commoners do? Don’t they make their own money from those jobs?

    • Ladyhawke

      They were each gifted $5m by the Queen after their parents’ divorce. Prince Andrew, who is reportedly estimated to have a net worth of $79m, supports both daughters.

      • Elizabeth Pease

        OK, so they were given $5 million each. Eugenie works at an art gallery. She gets money for that, doesn’t she?

  • luigi pasquali

    The Prince of fraud and his wife have raised two of the snootiest, hateful young do nothings on the planet. Throw the lot of them out with the dirty dishwater.

    • Deanne Masters

      How do you know? Very mean

  • micmac

    Yes, I do agree that Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice would help by filling in for the Kents, at any rate. Both Princess Alexandra and the Duke of Kent have had serious illnesses of late, and neither look robust. But how much of what other royals do would appeal to these two princesses?

  • micmac

    Both girls could take over from the older royals, such as Princess Alexandra, Prince Michael of Kent and the Duke of Kent, or the Duke of Gloucester, when any of these older royals need to retire from doing royal duties.

    • Phyllis Pearson

      I kind of get the idea that they feel they’re owed positions. Most of the Royals just on with doing their thing and support the Queen as they can, and they do a lot as well! But these two young women have a bee in their bonnet and seem to want the freedom they enjoy and all the Royal trappings, well with them go responsibilties and respect and dare I say it dress sense, my goodness who helps them select clothing….

  • Deanne Masters

    Please don’t be mean to these girls, you don’t kick family members out. They are needed for aging royal, think they need some retirement or go down to part time. The girls work, Eugenie works at gallery, both girls do charity work, I’m impressed with them working with the Salvation army highlighting the slavery around the world. Beatrice supports dyslexia and over came it, did very well in college, she also just came back from a trip from Thailand supporting eye health , I believe, I’m sure there is plenty of money to support them. They are in the top 10, Good Luck girls, I’m routing for you, god bless

    • Republican

      Oh yes, there’s plenty of money in the annual taxpayer funded “Sovereign Support Grant”. Two more useless snouts in the public money trough.

      • Deanne Masters

        I meant, Duchy of cornwall sir. I certainly don’t think 1 should get it all

      • Deanne Masters

        One thing, I don’t understand why they didn’t start working for the palace years ago. Andrew is tired of paying for his adult children. My dad brought the car sale men into where I worked and handed me a payment book, I was 18. I worked my tail off. I get where Prince Andrew is coming from, time to get out of the nest. Another question, what’s wrong with St James Palace? They should move everybody there and give up Kensington Palace to the state, let them collect rent and run it. If they don’t like St James, well than they can buy their own house, see what it like to be a real person

        • micmac

          It is a good question, and I agree with you. Kensington Palace is more or less what in USA they might call a condominium for relatives of the Royal family and a lot of their staff. There are a number, such as Princess Margaret’s children, who have departed the premises long ago, and I can understand why. Until that refurbishment the place was dreary, badly lit, in poor repair and smelled dank. Or it was in about September 5th, 2012. I don’t know about St James’ Palace, and since Buckingham Palace is to be renovated now, perhaps Prince Andrew might move there, himself, even if he can’t get Princess Beatrice somewhere else to live.

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