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Mystery as Princess Eugenie misses engagement

Princess Eugenie failed to turn up for a scheduled engagement on Tuesday evening at Buckingham Palace leading to a flurry of concern on social media asking to where the 28-year-old was.

HRH was scheduled to attend a reception at Buckingham Palace celebrating Team GB’s Olympic and Paralympic heroes after the 2016 Rio games.

However, Princess Eugenie is believed to have pulled out of the event at the last minute. Aides have refused to disclose the reason why the 28-year-old was absent for the event.

Usually when a member of the Royal Family is feeling unwell and cannot attend an engagement, this information is not withheld.

Fortunately, Eugenie wasn’t the only member of the Royal Family scheduled to attend the reception. Many other senior family members were present at the Palace to greet the athletes including The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, the Duke of York, and Princess Anne.

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and The Duke of Kent also met the athletes in what was one of the largest engagements for the royals in recent times.

Some of the athletes who were being celebrated at the palace include boxer Nicola Adams, Team GB’s oldest gold medal winner Nick Skelton and Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds.

Earlier on Tuesday, Princess Eugenie released a video for the Salvation Army where she talked about modern slavery.

In the 30-second video, the eight-in-line to the throne says: “I’ve had the chance to see first-hand what The Salvation Army can do for victims of trafficking and modern slavery. 

“This year I went to visit a safehouse and I was completely astonished by the work that they do and by the survivors who have come out of modern slavery.

“I think it’s everyone’s opportunity and duty to #AskTheQuestion and to support this campaign in any way possible to try to effect change and create massive awareness for the cause.”

In the previous week, Eugenie, alongside her sister Princess Beatrice met British Prime Minister Theresa May to help raise awareness on the issue of modern slavery and human trafficking.

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