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Duke of York visits charity that benefits teens and toddlers

The Duke of York met student mentors at Paddington Nursery.

The Duke of York met student mentors at Paddington Nursery.

Prince Andrew dropped into Paddington Nursery this week to witness how some young people are turning their lives around.

The Charity Toddlers and Teens have begun a project to help those who may have found themselves in some trouble in the past. Students aged 13 through 16 from Paddington Academy are paired up with the nursery school toddlers who may need a little extra care and support.

Laura Huxley, the widow of author Aldous Huxley, came up with the charity scheme. Lady Diana Whitmore, a friend of Huxley introduced the idea in the UK. Lady Whitmore is the chief executive of the UK based version of Toddlers and Teens.

The programme is 18 weeks of one on one pairing within four schools and four nurseries. The programme also provides two hours a week work placement, classes on emotional intelligence, anger management and behavioural studies.

“I’m hugely impressed with the programme and how far these young people have come in such a short space of time,” Andrew commented via the Getwestlondon website.

The charity’s goal is to increase “the aspirations of young people through programmes like this to ensure they find jobs and training and avoid having children of their own at an early age.”

“My advice to this is make the most of it because this is an opportunity that few young people have,” Andrew commented.

Since 2001, he Teens and Toddlers programme has helped over 9,500 participants. “It has been a privilege for our students to meet His Royal Highness today and to show him how they are working with toddlers,” Principal of Paddington Academy, Oli Tomlinson concluded.

photo credit: Siim Teller via photopin cc

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