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Duke of York gives awards to 1st Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment

In his capacity as Colonel in Chief of the Yorkshire Regiment, Prince Andrew was at Battlesbury Barracks last week to present several awards for long service and good conduct to servicemen and women in the regiment.

Joined by Wiltshire’s Lord Lieutenant Sarah Troughton, Prince Andrew presented the Duke of York’s Trophy on behalf of the Burma Company to Major Mike Wade-Smith. Wade-Smith received the award for achieving the highest overall results in a 12-month period of military tests. The Duke of York also presented 12 Long Service and Good Conduct medals to soldiers whose combined service totalled more than 220 years.

Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel James Kennedy spoke of the honour of Prince Andrew’s visit, saying: ‘It is always a privilege and an honour to host a member of the Royal Family, especially when it is your Colonel in Chief. What was key for us was to ensure that HRH spent as much time with soldiers and their families as possible and I think we achieved that. A great day by all, particularly those who received medals from HRH, and one to tell the grandkids in years to come.’

Medal recipient Warrior Sergeant Major Anthony Moore said of the event: ‘My family really enjoyed the day. It is the first time my mum has seen me in this environment since I was in basic training. It was good of HRH to come to present the medals and awards.

‘My wife got the chance to meet him, and he was genuinely interested in my family. Meeting a member of the Royal Family is not something that happens everyday, and it is an experience my family will remember for a long time.’

While at the barracks, Prince Andrew spoke at length with soldiers and their families and had the opportunity to sit in on a lesson from the men from Burma Company on the newly issued VIRTUS kit.

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