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Duke of York Attends Falklands War Anniversary Service

Prince Andrew, who served as a Royal Navy helicopter pilot in the Falklands war, has joined other veterans in a service to mark the 35th anniversary of the end of the conflict.

Prince Andrew offered his respects at the chapel of Pangbourne College in Berkshire.

The service was broadcast on screens outside the chapel to the 870 veterans and their relatives.

One of the people in the congregation was Ellie Smith, her husband Petty Officer Ben Casey, was one of the first servicemen to be killed in the conflict. She said: “My husband always said he loved fighting for what was right. I have a lot of love and a lot of pride in my heart.”

Prince Andrew joined the Royal Navy in 1978.

The Falklands were invaded by Argentina in 1982 while Andrew was serving on the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible. Invincible was one of two operational aircraft carriers the British had in their fleet at the time. This meant that it played a major role in the Royal Navy’s response to the invasion.

The British Government were cautious about sending The Queen’s son to the conflict as they feared he would be a target. The Government wanted Prince Andrew to take on a desk job for the duration of the conflict.

This desire was not one upheld by The Queen who insisted that her son was allowed to remain with his ship.

Prince Andrew flew in various different missions including Anti-Submarine Warfare, search and rescue, and casualty evacuation.

Upon Argentinian surrender, Invincible returned to Portsmouth. The Queen and Prince Philip gathered with other families of the crew to welcome the vessel home.

In total, the 74-day war claimed the lives of 255 British military personnel as well as 648 Argentine troops. Three Falkland Islanders died during the war.




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