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Duchess of York says she wishes she had bulimia due to food addiction

The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, has talked openly about her fight and struggle with bulimia.

Sarah Ferguson confessed in a podcast she was taking part in to highlight her recovery said that she wanted to be as “beautiful and thin” as Diana, Princess of Wales.

The ex-wife of Prince Andrew wants to use her knowledge and personal experience with bulimia to help other people who struggle with eating disorders.

Bulimia is an eating disorder stemming from a distorted body image and an obsessive desire to lose weight. Sufferers of bulimia have periods of extreme eating which are then followed by fasting or self-induced vomiting

Ferguson has a history of weight problems and was once inhumanely branded “The Duchess of Pork” after she put on weight. She admitted that she was a binge eater who hoarded food in Buckingham Palace “like a squirrel hiding her acorns.”

She said in an interview with Dr Vijay Murthy whose clinic she attends that: “I never could get bulimia because I just didn’t have that mental state to go that far, but I always wished I could.

“But that just shows you how dangerous and what place I got to. To wish you could have a mental illness to that level is a very serious place to get to.”

Sarah Ferguson became the face of Weight Watchers in America after beating her battle with food addiction.

Speaking about her road to recovery, in which she lost 55lbs by eating healthily she said she got better “by understanding that I had to go to the depths of the feelings within myself and really want to help.”

Ferguson hopes to do more to help others tackle eating disorders. She intends to open a franchise of kindergartens in the world to help teach children about healthy eating.

Her openness about her struggle was praised by Beat, an eating disorder charity.

A spokeswoman for the organisation said: “Seeing people in the public eye open up about their disorder can inspire sufferers to come forward.”

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