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Earl of Wessex opens new branch of Christian charity

On Thursday, the Earl of Wessex visited a new branch of the Christian children’s charity, Scripture Union (SU). His visit was to celebrate the opening of a new office located in Fox Milne, Milton Keynes.

The Earl was given a tour of the headquarters and facilities. At the close of his visit, he unveiled a plaque. As he revealed it, he said: “Thank you very much indeed for inviting me to come and visit your brand new offices, and I’m delighted the move has been a positive one for what you’re trying to do.”

His Royal Highness received an update on a new campaign called 95, which aims to reach the 95% of children in England and Wales who do not attend church services regularly. The charity seeks to improve, empower, and equip the churches to reach young people across the country. They will do this through training and providing them with resources.

Tim Hastes-Smith, the National Director of SU England and Wales, told “They could be digital models; they could be quite traditional models like sort of missions in the park or on the beach.

“They could be new ways of doing sports, an activity, adopting a mugger in a town centre and working with sports and young people and suing that as an opportunity to make Christ’s love known.”

During his speech, His Royal Highness said about 95: “I wish you the best of luck, not only for your 150th anniversary but also the challenge that you’re trying to do in reaching that 95 percent.

“I have great appreciation for all of the Scripture Union team, for the work that you do and continue to do.”

Hastie-Smith said: “We hugely enjoyed welcoming the Earl of Wessex to Milton Keynes today to officially open our new National office.

“An old friend of Scripture Union, HRH’s passion for work with children and young people, rooted in his leadership of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, was infectious and he loved meeting both our staff and some of the teenagers we work with. We were encouraged that he left excited by SU’s great vision for the future.”

  • UF

    HRH the Earl does good things like this often. His mother must be pleased as she is a noble lady for whom her faith means a great deal in her daily life.
    One day, the Prince will be Duke of Edinburgh. This fits that role well.
    His brother Wales could take a lesson from Wessex


    • Lesleyc

      I like him the more I see him and Sophie.

      • UF

        Since Edward and Sofie left private business (after much criticism) moving to the Monarch’s Grant they’ve both really thrown themselves into royal work. He’s interested in the arts as he has been since school and she in children’s causes. Edward has also represented his father in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme which has proven highly successful. Some believe Edward will take over the Duke’s scheme upon his father’s passing and that it’s likely he’ll take his title as well. The single wrinkle may be the Queen predeceasing the Duke. Charles may flinch at Edward’s dukedom. As was reported when Prince Andrew sought Monarch’s Grant status for his daughters, Charles objected to the Queen. Rumor has it Charles is anxious to “trim” the monarchy keeping official royal public duties confined to himself, her, the Cambridges and the Prince Harry. Of course, who can really know what’s going on inside the inner machinations of the palace?

        • Lesleyc

          Charles is quite welcome to trim the monarchy of Prince Andrew and his children but I hope he’ll keep Edward, Sophie and Anne busy.

          • UF

            Edward has the important Duke of Edinburgh scheme. Ann has a wicked right cross. Anne’s more popular than Charles. I think Beatrice and Eugenie had better pursue their private careers. Good luck trying to run “the organization” with Charles, her, Wills & Kate and Harry and whoever finally lands him. Lots of ribbons to cut and people to look interested in.

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