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Doctor Who and the Daleks take over Buckingham Palace

Lots of events and parties have taken place at Buckingham Palace and lots of intruders have also gained entry. However, no intruder is as dangerous as the Daleks who on Monday invaded the grounds of Buckingham Palace as the Countess of Wessex was hosting a Doctor Who reception.

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary will be broadcast in 84 countries on Friday

The Doctor Who 50th anniversary special will be broadcasted in 84 countries on Friday

Also attending the reception was not just one Doctor Who, but four! The current actor, Matt Smith, was joined by previous portrayers of the role, John Hurt, Peter Davison and Tom Baker. The Countess told the Doctors that she was a fan of the sci-fi series as a child along with her brother, David.

Two Daleks, the TARDIS and two of the Doctor’s companions – Jenna Louise Coleman and Catherine Tate were also present at the reception. This comes just days before the series reaches its 50th anniversary on Saturday, a landmark occasion on television.

On Saturday, 84 countries will simultaneously broadcast the special episode making it one of the most simultaneous television programmes in television history. 79 year old John Hurt said “I hadn’t realised before I got to play the Doctor just how huge it has become. I thought it would be amusing to do it, and thought it had cult status, but it has gone mainstream, it is shown in so many countries.”

Matt Smith who plays the current 12th incarnation of the Doctor will leave the show on Saturday and be replaced by 55 year old Peter Capaldi. Matt said that being reunited with the cast and crew on Monday in Buckingham Palace brought home to him the fact that he will be leaving the show.

The Countess of Wessex also looked at two paintings of what the Queen’s TARDIS might look like, painted by two Cardif school children to mark the occasion. One of the paintings had a gold-plated time machine with a Union flag door, which the Countess joked would be “very expensive to make.” The other painting had a dog-flap for the Queen’s corgis.

:: The 50th anniversary special will be shown on BBC One at 19:50 and will be simultaneously broadcasted in 84 countries.

photo credit: Rooners Toy Photography via photopin cc

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