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Your friend list is nothing without Queen Elizabeth’s secret Facebook account added

Queen Elizabeth isn’t your average grandmother or great-grandmother for that fact, who can’t even turn on their computer. It has now been revealed that Her Majesty has a top secret Facebook account.

The MailOnline reported that The Queen set up her profile, which includes the highest privacy and a secret friends list.

The Mirror did their own search in an attempt to try and find Queen Elizabeth with searches such as ‘Elizabeth Windsor’, which came up three results but none that looked promising.

A further search of ‘Lilibet Windsor’ had a “mysterious” result, but no confirmation if it was her or not.

Guesses are that she would have a better secret name than her own, so for now, we will have to leave her off our friend’s list.

It is said that her racing manager, John Warren can get through to Her Majesty no matter when or where she is, so no doubt he would be one of the lucky few to be her ‘friend’.

Angela Kelly, Queen Elizabeth’s senior dresser and assistant, is tasked with keeping The Queen’s mobile on hand, so that also means she will never have to worry about a dead battery when checking status updates!

The Queen is not the only member of the family who has secret accounts. The Duchess of Cambridge has a Mumsnet account to share stories of her parenting trials. She is a mother to three-year-old Prince George and two-year-old Princess Charlotte, so any parents out there can relate to the need to vent your frustrations with others going through the ‘terrible twos’.

Prince Harry also has a secret Instagram account, although he doesn’t add random people (we have tried). His friend’s list does include his girlfriend Meghan Markle who in the early days of their public relationship teased pictures of their relationship. Prince Harry also often comments on some of the Invictus athletes profiles who he has bonded with.





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