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Will President Trump be invited to Buckingham Palace?

The United States just elected their next President, real estate mogul Donald Trump who will be inaugurated in January 2017, which begs the next question; when or will the new president be invited to Buckingham Palace?

Most of the world viewed Donald Trump as the unlikely choice for president, preferring Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, wife of the former US President Bill Clinton. Yet, American citizens surprised onlookers as the results came in with Trump being the clear winner.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has seen 12 U.S presidents during her reign and has met with 11 of them. Lyndon B Johnson, who took office from 1963-1969 after the assassination of John F Kennedy never had the chance to meet The Queen, but he is not the only one who was never invited for an official State Visit.

Out of the 12 presidents, only five were ever invited for a State Visit. Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. So will Trump be lucky number six?

The Queen is to remain politically neutral, so her real feeling toward Trump will go unseen but she has been used in the past to change the political tide. Trump has said he does not feel that certain NATO countries deserve the help of the United States should Russia attack. With the United Kingdom part of the NATO alliance, they would be responsible for the defence of these countries and Queen Elizabeth could very well help Trump see reason.

Putin has already made it known that he wishes to now mend relations with the United States, which would then put strains on the U.S’s relation with the U.K. Nothing fixes a broken relationship like a glamours State Banquet. Trump is known for his love of opulence, pomp, and show, so an invitation to the definition of all that would be hard to pass.

I just wonder what the conversation between Melania and the Duke of Edinburgh will be as they enter the dining room? Maybe Prince Philip should call in sick that day or we will have his next famous gaffe.

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