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The Queen’s horses win £6.7million in prize money

The Queen’s horses have raked in an impressive £7 million over 30 years from race winnings.

Her Majesty’s horses have had 451 victories since 1988, where records became frequently available, which gives her horses a win rate of 15.9%

The Queen’s impressive win records make the monarch the 11th most successful owner in flat racing over that 30 year period.

2016 proved to be the most profitable year, with her horses earning over £550,000.

So far in 2017, she has had 20 victories earning her £413,641.

Despite the record, she is far behind Godolphin Racing, who have had 132 wins this year which brings them winnings of over £5 million

The next horse due to race is Patchwork who was won 1 out of 7 races this year.

If you are a fan of betting the Queen’s most successful horse is Elector, who has a 100% win record. Elector is next due to race at the Epsom Investec Derby in 2018.

The Epsom Derby is the only one out of five British Classic races that the Queen has not won.

It is believed that most of the winnings go towards the horses’ trainers, however, Buckingham Palace has described the matter as “private”, therefore the full breakdown of the prize distribution is unknown.

The Queen has had a keen interest in horses; even from a young age. She was given a Shetland Pony, her first horse, at the age of four. She was riding it by the age of six. Her interest continued all throughout her life and she continues to ride into her DiamondJubilee years

The 91-year-old, while not training her competitive horses, often makes visits to view and assess from birth into retirement.

Her Majesty cares for her horses into retirement after their racing careers are over.

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