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The Queen Wanted Photo With Daniel Craig

The Queen was insistent on having her photo taken with James Bond star Daniel Craig during their Olympic filming, Danny Boyle has revealed.

Speaking about filming the opening Olympic scenes, Boyle revealed the Queen made sure she got a snap of her and Daniel Craig. “Absolutely! Yeah. But she was very, very keen and insistent that her staff did as well. I liked that about her very much.

“You thought, ‘Yeah, that’s decent, looking after them like that’. And we had a lovely afternoon filming with the two of them.”

The director, who masterminded the critically acclaimed opening ceremony,  has said he believes the Queen took part in the Olympic sketch because it was so informal compared to all the formality of the Diamond Jubilee.

Their legendary scene became one of the most talked about moments of the Olympics and was met by universal praise, it was later revealed that The Queen has kept it a secret even from her grandchildren.

Boyle said: “She knew the jubilee, obviously in the same year, was gonna be very formal. And you have an instinct when you perform in public. You just have instincts. And I’m sure that was part of the instinct, ‘Let’s change it, make it different’

“I think she also must have known, because I was involved, that they were going to make it like a People’s Games… so there was a chance to take a risk with it.”

The Director continued: “She wanted her staff to have a day out with a movie star. And so we did. Daniel Craig came and he’s a movie star! He’s James Bond! Everybody can get their picture taken.”

Photo: BBC

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