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The Queen to open Windsor Castle and Palace of Holyroodhouse for Christmas

It is precisely two months until Christmas and what better way to celebrate than in royal fashion.

Her Majesty The Queen will be opening the State Apartments at both Windsor Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse to the public filled with family-friendly Christmas activities.

New to the Christmas festivities at Windsor is evening performances of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. The event running from 24 November to 5 January will feature a 20-foot-high Nordmann Fir tree displayed in St George’s Hall. The tree which will be dressed all in gold decor is cut down from Windsor Great Park.

The Moat Room at Windsor will host arts-and-crafts workshops each Saturday with the 9 and 10 of December being extra special. The ‘Festive Weekend’ will also hold holiday music, storytelling, floral displays, decoration making, a pantomime and Bach to Baby concerts.

If Windsor Castle is too far off, maybe the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Scotland will be closer to home. The celebration running from 1 December to 5 January will allow guests to see what a royal feast in the Royal Dining Room looks like. The table will be set with antique silver, wreaths, flowers and faux candied fruits.

Holyroodhouse will also feature a 15-foot-high Christmas tree in the Great Gallery decked in white and silver decorations.

One would certainly not want to miss 10 December when the Festive Family Day is hosted full of fancy-dress, face-painting, decoration-making workshops, a family ceilidh, a Christmas present trail and storytelling around the fireplace. Christmas carols will also be sung on 11 and 12 December from the Great Gallery.

The Royal Family spends the Christmas season at Sandringham, making only one public appearance at the Christmas morning service. Notably last year, Her Majesty was absent from the service due to a heavy cold. The Cambridge family were also missing as they spent the holiday with the Duchess of Cambridge’s family in Bucklebury.

For tickets and more information on visiting Windsor Castle or the Palace of Holyroodhouse, visit

  • PennieP.

    It is lovely. I’d rather like to visit there during the Holiday.

    • Sigi

      Too bad the stinking royals stink up those places they ought to be owned by the public. I’d love to see Holyroodhouse.

      • PennieP.

        It DOES look breathtaking. The countryside is lovely.
        I’d love to go there, my cousin was in the Military for years. He was in Great Britain for vacation.
        He was SHOCKED about how much they are taxed there. He said he couldn’t figure out how someone could buy a house and have a family. He said eating out was a nightmare, although he did develop a fondness for Shepherds Pie.
        Wonder where all those tax dollars were being sent?

        • Sigi

          Yes it’s sad. The British are mostly brainwashed into thinking it’s fine to give all their money to the RF. And what choice do they have. The English people I’ve come across in person all say they’re happy not to be there anymore / wouldn’t want to go back !

          I agree, England is a jewel alright. Stunningly beautiful. I’ve always been fascinated with it.

          • PennieP.

            Just got pinged about THE BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL.
            I’m going to welcome a story about Waity and Pagan after this.
            When does that stop? Bold and beautiful? Serious?

    • Sigi

      I’ve LEFT “CDL” I hate the new format !!!!!!!! Nice to see you here Pennie.

      • PennieP.

        Hey, yeah.. What’s going on over there? They could actually give some warning about reformatting
        I keep getting notified about Soap stars. Every 2 minutes the phone is pinging.

        • Sigi

          They’ve lost their mind, AnneMarie was nice but the change of format there was a really bad decision.

          Soap stars ?!

          • PennieP.

            Yes! Ping, ping. Will “so- and – so” leave with ‘ what’s his name “.
            And ” spoiler alert ” about the Young and Restless. I didn’t even know these things were still on Network Television.
            I wrote to them asking them to PLEASE STOP with the notification. But… Just this morning I had at least 6- 7 pings..
            So, what’s up with the format? I couldn’t even get to the comment section. I was going to chat but it was gone!!

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