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The Queen thanks young boy for paper crown

Some wait a lifetime to receive a letter from a member of the Royal Family, let alone on behalf of Her Majesty. But for one young boy, those dreams came to reality very early on in his life.

At five-years-old Aston Betmead, from Rochford, Essex, received a heartfelt reply after he made Queen Elizabeth II a paper crown to celebrate her soon to be 90th birthday.

Even more astonishing was that his art project was placed in an envelope and sent off with only “The Queen” as an address.


Vikki, Aston’s mother, expressed her shock that his hand made gift found its way to Buckingham Palace without a proper address on the envelope.

She explained: “I put a little note in with his name, age and address but didn’t expect it to even get to her let alone to receive a reply.”

He also added in a short letter that simply said: “To The Queen, love Aston”.

The crown was decorated with hand-drawn cars after Aston was talking to his mother about the upcoming milestone birthday of Queen Elizabeth.

Vikki, 32, said: “He asked me for paper and scissors and got to work.

“He then asked for an envelope and wrote “The Queen” on the front.

“He can’t wait to take her letter to school to show his friends.”

Aston was sent a letter in response only a few short weeks later from the Queen’s lady-in-waiting thanking him for his “splendid” present.

The letter read: “The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for the splendid hand-made crown which you made especially for her. Her Majesty was pleased to hear from you, and greatly appreciated the care you took with your work.

“I am to send you the Queen’s best wishes and thank you, once again, for your thoughtfulness in sending this gift for Her Majesty to see.”

The letter was signed by lady-in-waiting Annabel Whitehead.

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