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The Queen speaks out about her illness over the Christmas break

The Queen has spoken out about her illness over the Christmas period, saying that she had a ‘grisly’ cold.

Her Majesty was speaking to Baroness Shirley Williams at an investiture at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen told Baroness Williams that her cold over Christmas was a: “Particularly grisly mixture of cold and flu which had been going around.”

She added that she was determined to get better quickly, so she didn’t miss the Christmas celebrations, including a party at Buckingham Palace.

Baroness Williams spoke to The Queen during the Order of the Companions of Honour service at the Palace.

Speaking afterwards, the Baroness said: “I was delighted she was able to make this and was now better.

“She said they had a big party in the palace, so she had to get better, so she did get better.

“She also said it was a particularly grisly mixture of cold and flu which had been going around, lots of people have had it.”

Last year, Her Majesty was not seen in public for almost a month following a heavy cold. As a result, she was forced to miss the traditional Christmas Day church service at St Mary Magdalene Church for the first time since 1988. Before 1988, Her Majesty instead attended a church service at Windsor meaning that this was the first time The Queen was absent from communion in recent living memory.

Prince Philip had also fallen ill to a heavy cold and was initially worse off than The Queen. However, he has since recovered while Her Majesty is still recovering.

As well as that, the cold forced her to delay her yearly trip to Sandringham for the Christmas holidays, when she instead travelled one day later and by helicopter rather than train to shorten travel time.

A few weeks later the 90-year-old Monarch’s schedule returned to normal as she fully recovered.

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