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The Queen sends her first tweet

The Queen sent her first ever tweet on Friday at the opening of a new exhibition at the Science Museum.


Her Majesty sent the tweet on the official page of the British Monarchy (@BritishMonarchy) which has over 720,000 followers. Within minutes of the tweet being sent on an iPad, it has generated over 4000 retweets, and within an hour, the account had another 9000 followers.

600 guests at the museum saw the monarch post the message on the social networking site. She carefully removed a glove to type the message on the tablet in which she signed off as ‘Elizabeth R’.

The Queen was there to open the new exhibition at the Science Museum which has taken three years in the planning, and is one of the largest projects the museum has ever undertaken. Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh toured the gallery on Friday, which celebrates more than 200 years of electronic communications, including Morse Code messages to smartphones.

The Queen made her first visit to the museum in 1938, as Princess Elizabeth with her sister, Princess Margaret, to see the Children’s gallery with grandmother Queen Mary.

In the past few years, the Royal Family have increasingly been using social media to communicate with the public. In 2013, The Duke of York set up his own Twitter account where he regally uploads messages and photos of recent engagements he attended. In 1976 The Queen sent an email to an army base, becoming the first Monarch to do so. In more recent months, Prince Harry sent his first tweet on the Invictus Games Twitter account. Now the 88-year old Monarch has followed suit, although, it is unknown whether she will post any futher messages in the future.

You can read all about how the Royal Family embrace social media here.

Featured photo credit: Birmingham News Room via photopin cc

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