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The Queen reopens British Museum gallery in high spirits

Nothing looked as if it could get Her Majesty The Queen down today, as the magenta-clad sovereign headed to the British Museum to reopen a gallery yesterday.

Returning to the Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery of China and South Asia, 25 years after The Queen originally opened it in 1992, the smiling Queen look pleased to be there not letting the controversy around her private estate, the Duchy of Lancaster, which has been caught in the middle of the Paradise Papers leak get in the way.

Located in central London, the British Museum was the first national public museum in the world founded in 1753.

The renovated gallery now includes displays featuring artefacts from China and South Asian countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Bangladesh dating back all the way to 5000 BC.

The Queen was greeted outside by museum Chairman Richard Lambert and Director Hartwig Fischer before heading indoors to a greeting from the rest of the museum staff.

Queen Elizabeth was given a tour revamped gallery and shown objects from China from some of the gallery’s curators before further learning about the collections from India and South Asia. She was then off to pull the ribbon to unveil the center of the new gallery which looked to need some encouragement before the veil fell.

Her Majesty also opened the Great Court at the British Museum in 2000 where she said: “In the life of the nation, the British Museum is a remarkable phenomenon. It is an enduring source of learning, inspiration and learning for millions of people who visit every year.”

The Queen’s appearance comes after it was revealed that her private estate had £10 million invested in offshore funds. Her heir, Prince Charles, was also named in the scandal that despite being legal, does not provide the Royal Family with the publicity that would suit them.

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