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The Queen releases statement over the Orlando shootings

The Queen has released a statement in which she expresses her shock over the shootings in Orlando which have claimed the lives of 50 people.

In the statement, Her Majesty says: “Prince Philip & I have been shocked by the events in Orlando. Our thoughts & prayers are with all those who have been affected.”

The Queen released the statement shortly after celebrating her 90th birthday in London today.

The shootings occurred in the early hours of Sunday, when a man entered a gay club and opened fire killing 50 people, and seriously injuring a further 53.

The shooting has been declared as an act of terror, however, as of yet there id no definitive motive of the shooter.

This is the worst mass shooting in recent US history and world leaders have been quick to show their condolences, shock and support.

President Barack Obama said Americans were united in grief, outrage and “resolve to defend our people”.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron said: “I’m horrified by reports of the overnight shooting in Orlando. My thoughts are with the victims and their families.”

French President Francois Hollande expressed “horror” at the events in Florida, and said Americans had the “full support of France in this difficult time”.

Pope Francis described the “homicidal folly” of the shooting.

The Islamist militant group, Daesh, have claimed responsibility for the attack, however, they did not specify whether they were behind the attack or simply inspired it.

All flags on federal buildings are  now being flown at half mast until sunset on Thursday out of respect for the victims.

The Orlando attack is the most deadly shooting in US history, having surpassed the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech where 32 people were killed.

The injured are being treated in Orlando hospitals, with urgent appeals being made for people to donate blood.

  • Norman Duncan

    Thank you Your Majesty for a quick response on this senseless shooting. This was unique as the weapons were stolen from his employers arsenal. A loophole that could not have been addressed as who would think a security guard would contemplate murderous thoughts.

  • Angela L Harris

    Thank you your majesty for your heartfelt sympathies following the senseless murders in Florida.

  • robert

    Thank you, ma’am. God save the Queen.

  • Martha Clark

    Your Majesty, thank you with all our hearts for taking time away from the festivities of your remarkable birthday to offer prayers to the victims and families of the Orlando massacre. When will humanity finally lose the desire to hurt and destroy?

  • M. Alexander

    As a gay American, thank you Your Majesty. In this incredibly painful and difficult time it is deeply warming to know that the Royal Family, and our many friends across the pond care.

    • Ricky

      I agree completely, but it would’ve been nice if The Queen’s statement had included something about homophobia being the cause of these murders. But it really was very gracious of her to speak about this awful incident.

  • Kathleen Ames

    How many more times? HM did NOT celebrate her 90th birthday today. She was 90 on 21 April!! These are simply events to mark a momentous age!!

    • ss

      but June is the royal birthday regardless of actual date and has been for many years.

      • Kathleen Ames

        NO it isn’t! Her birthday is
        April. It is a tradition to honour troops not a real birthday. It used to be held in November but was moved to June because the weather is better and has nothing whatever to do with the Queen’s birthday.

      • Kathleen Ames

        The queen herself is fed up with people wishing her happy birthday on her ‘non birthday’ as was made obvious in her thank you speech!

    • Laurel DeGruchy

      Don’t panic, while you are totally right her real birthday is April 21st, the Queen of England and her predecessors (I believe beginning with her great grandfather Edward the 7th) used dates in June for the public celebration of the monarch’s birthday. One of the main reasons is the good weather in June for all the outdoor pageantry!

  • Kathleen Ames

    Deepest condolences,firstly to the families involved in this atrocity and secondly to the community as a whole. I know you will be in the thoughts of everyone in the UK

  • John Herr

    Thank you, Queen Elizabeth, for your kind and supportive words.

  • Clive

    Thank you Your Majesty for your kind words. But as for the pope calling the massacre “homicidal folly” – I think your prejudice against gays is causing you to make light of the matter. This was not “folly”!! This was a horrendous, grave, abominable, sickening massacre. “Folly” is slipping on a banana skin, arguing with a cop, or not giving your neighbor his lawn mower back. I think this radical islamic act warrants a stronger superlative than “folly”.

  • Terry gregory

    Thank you your Majesty. As a man who has lost a friend and possibly more than just him. It is an Honor to know the Royal Family stands with us!

    • Kathleen Ames

      She is expressing sympathy to the bereaved not getting into a political or other debate on the rights and wrongs, reasons. She does not do that.

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