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The Queen, Prince Philip and members of The Royal Family attend Festival of Remembrance

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were joined by members of their family at the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance on Saturday evening at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Alongside their parents were the Prince of Wales, the Duke of York, the Princess Royal and the Earl of Wessex.

They were joined by the Duchess of Cornwall, the Countess of Wessex, the Duchess of Cambridge, the Duke & Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandra and Sir Tim Laurence.

Prince William and Prince Harry were absent from proceedings as they attended a rugby match instead.

Other senior figures to join in the remembrance celebrations included Prime Minister Theresa May and her husband, Philip.

Highlights of the event included the standing ovation received as members of the emergency services who dealt with the London and Manchester terror attacks took to the stage.

Families of deceased servicemen and women also received a standing ovation as they gathered to remember their loved ones.

There were special performances by Melanie C, Alfie Boe & Natalie Lowe, Emeli Sande and others all in tribute to the armed forces.

The Festival of Remembrance began in 1927 and was originally intended to honour those who died in World War One. It has since grown and now remembers all those who died in war in battles of the past and wars that are still ongoing.

Tomorrow, the nation will pay their respects to the country’s war dead on in the Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph, led by the Queen.

However, significantly Her Majesty will not be laying a wreath at this year’s service and will instead watch on from the balcony of the Foreign Office.

In her place, Prince Charles will lay a wreath at the cenotaph.

A two-minute silence will take place at 11am where wreaths will be laid, followed by a veterans’ march.

Royal Central will bring you coverage throughout the day.

  • Mr. Christian

    On this your Remembrance Day, Veterans Day in America, I hope and pray that war is soon to be a forgotten means of settling differences. I also would like recall when not too long ago, Britain held a religious ceremony in remembrance of those who died in conflicts between our two nations. No one single man can stop a war usually so ask all to rededicate themselves to the cause of peace for their posterity.

  • Sigi

    Waity never gets it right. In past years during this ceremony, the f-ing idiot was photographed LAUGHING, SMIRKING,PLAYING WITH HER HAIR….she’s as stupid as she looks. Now this year she manages to look insanely p*ssed off. And apparently has had some plastic surgery.

    She’s too shallow to have a proper facial expression, that any normal person would have. So she tried to put on what she guessed would do for that dog and pony show by the “royals” {who don’t give a fig about anyone}.

    • PennieP.

      Hey! SIGI!!
      AS Waity was being a ‘fill- in’ for this Ceremony… Her beloved was at a Rugby Game… Complaining, of course, about how bloody exhausted he is, because of the kids…
      Kids??? I suggest they fire the Help and Nannys, then report back in a year.
      He just never missed an opportunity to tell the world what a burden they have.
      Every time they open their mouths……

      • Kelly

        PennieP. Now Waity is having kid #3….and more complaining will follow by those two lazy goons. I’d like to see those two, raise kids without the nannies/nurses, housekeeping staff, cooks/chefs, hairdresser, lady-in-waiting, personal secretary, just to name a few.
        Hubby William goes to work; 9-5 pm and Waity Katy stays home with 3 kids and does alllllll the work! Those two are just grand and full-of-themselves !!

        • PennieP.

          Hi Kelly.. Don’t forget our Pampered Princess has loads of help from her Mother.
          Imagine if she lived far from her family or if she didn’t have the support of the Entire Middleton clan.
          She is very immature and has NO business p promoting “Mental Health ” if this is her attitude.
          Thank you for your reply!

      • Sigi

        This site does NOT believe in FREE SPEECH ! They keep holding up my comments………

      • Sigi

        This site blows. At least though, its not the huge mess CDL is.

        • PennieP.

          I am not completely thrilled with this site.
          But, I can’t even log on to CDL.
          I can’t figure out why it takes so long.
          Then, if… And it’s a BIG IF, I do connect, I have trouble posting anything… If I need to switch from one topic to another, it2goes back to the same old delay.
          I’m getting pretty frustrated… It isn’t fun and hardly worth my time to sit for 10 minutes before I can log on!!
          Here, I can at least post something, although most are on “HOLD”… that’s probably why the delay..

    • Kelly

      Sigi….You got this so right, great comment. What’s this about Kate’s plastic surgery? Tell more please !!

      • Sigi

        I’ve heard Waity’s had more than one surgery on her snout. And a lobotomy, both are probably true.

  • PennieP.

    Geezus.. That portrait looks like a display out of Mme Tussaud’s Wax Museum.
    Cripe! Scared me half to DEATH!

    • Sigi

      LOL ! That’s WAITY. That’s the REAL Waity. The one who clawed her way into the RF and also chased Frilly Willy down even though it took a decade. Remember that portrait of her , where she looked possessed ? Accurate !

  • Kelly

    Kate puts on such a fake sad face, you’d think her mother died.

    • Sigi

      She’s dense and shallow. Since she has no real feelings Waity was acting the part and thought that was the right face to try on. Her past Remembrance Day appearances were also ridiculous and fake.

  • Kaz

    Complaining about being tired because of the children!! Get a grip William and stop making excuses and whining! What poor form. Did the Queen ever complain in public at any of her appearances – I think not.

    • Sigi

      He’s too Gay not to cry about everything.

    • PennieP.

      Oh! Any opportunity to complain about those ( poor) children… I feel so sorry for them… Never once do they say a kind word… Yet, #3 is on it’s way… I can’t imagine why they thought that was a great idea.
      Mental illness Patron needs an evaluation.

  • Mr. Christian

    Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil for the Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want. … He maketh me a banquet before my enemies.

    • Mr. Christian

      Cannons on the left of me, cannons on the right of me. Into the valley of the shadow of death rode the noble 600.

      • Sigi

        You’ll make it. Take a deep breath. Lay off the uppers though.

  • Sigi


    Kate is again 100% fake at Remembrance Day. In past years she was photographed laughing, playing with her hair, making faces…..this year she just looks 100% angry. Good thing she’s into mental help since she needs it.


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