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The Queen meets with Scotland’s First Minister

The conversation was about the storms and Prince Philip calling Her Majesty from Balmoral to update her with the latest news of the weather.

This was the beginning of the first audience Nicola Sturgeon had with the Queen since becoming Scotland’s first minister.

During her visit to Buckingham Palace, Ms Sturgeon was also sworn in as a member of the Privy Council. The Privy Council is a group of advisers to the monarch.

The Queen is Head of the Privy Council, which is the oldest form of legislative assembly and is accountable for numerous executive responsibilities.

The Council dates back to the Norman kings, where they met in private, therefore the term ‘privy’ was used.

The Privy Council consists of all members of the Cabinet, a group of middle-ranking government Ministers, leaders of the opposition parties, senior judges and some appointed from the Commonwealth.

Sturgeon rejected reports that the Queen was in favour of the ‘No’ campaign during the independence referendum.

“I have no issue with anything the Queen did or didn’t say during the referendum,” Sturgeon commented when asked about Her Majesty’s comments outside of Crathie Church before the vote and if they were viewed as supporting the ‘No’ campaign.

“The Queen and the Palace made clear she was not taking a position during the referendum campaign.” Sturgeon also reiterated her support for retaining the monarchy in an independent Scotland.

Featured photo credit: Alex Grant (alextakesphotos) via photopin cc

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