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The Queen makes personal donation to help victims of Italy’s earthquake

The Queen has made a personal donation to help with the search and rescue operation in Italy following a huge earthquake in the country which has killed almost 300 people and has left hundreds more injured.

Her Majesty gave the unspecified amount to the British Red Cross, a charity of which she is patron of.

Earlier in the week, Her Majesty sent a letter of condolence to the President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella.

The statement read: “Prince Philip and I were saddened to hear of the loss of life following the earthquake in central Italy.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Italy, especially the family and friends of those affected.

“Elizabeth R.”

The 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck Italy early on Wednesday morning in a mountainous region, just 65 miles away from Rome.

The death toll currently stands at 268, with hundreds more being injured.

The country has declared a state of emergency in the regions worst effected by the earthquake, with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi pledging £42m in funds to rebuild devastated areas.

  • attilio marchi

    Thank you. Italy is a beautiful country and a fragile biome

  • Thank You, Your Majesty. Even if the Italian citizens started very early and made a great lot to help people in the devastated area, Your gesture will be regarded and remembered as the only one made by a not-Italian single private: nobility of spirit is a rare, precious feeling.

    • victor pulis

      Tiny Malta has sent a group of rescuers with dogs to search for the victims and this Sunday a collection will be made in all of Malta’s churches in aid of the hit localities. an account has been opened in all of the island’s banks for donations.

      • Gosh! My fault: chasing the English grammar, I lost the text. I forgot to point out: «… the only one made by a not-italian VIP single private». Even migrants gave their pocket money (few coins, in some cases – but it’s the thought that counts), or even went for digging up victims from the ruins. My apologies.

  • luigi pasquali

    Thank you your Majesty, you are well thought of in Italy. Your personal gift is appreciated. Italy is a beautiful and grateful country.

  • Erica Bellucci

    Thank you very much, your majesty.

  • Filippo Carcaci

    “with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi pledging £42m in funds to rebuild devastated areas”
    Well if only that could be enough. 42m pounds are taken from the fund for emergency of the prime minister to just start giving assistance. The total sum to rebuild the devastated areas will be close to 10 billion, I’m afraid.

  • Ennio Piantato-Bassignana

    Thank you so much to Her Majesty and Prince Philip.

  • Turi

    Thank you your majesty, very precious gesture.

  • Leonardo Salimbeni

    thanks from #Preci #Umbria #Terremoto UNA RINOMATA SCUOLA CHIRURGICA “Pulchra Sabina Preces… Priscam chirurgis patriam”. In 1588 Queen Elizabeth I was operated on cataracts the surgeon, Cesare Scacchi, who was from the town of Preci.

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