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The Queen is ‘upset’ with Theresa May’s handling of DUP deal

The Sunday Times has recently revealed that the Queen was furious with Theresa May after the General Election results in June. The Prime Minister betrayed the Queen’s trust by informing Buckingham Palace that a deal had been struck with the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) 17 days before it was actually finalised.

After failing to secure a majority for her own party, Mrs May began unexpected negotiations with the Northern Irish party who won ten seats in the snap election. The Conservative- DUP agreement was not met with much enthusiasm, with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn expressing his view that it was just a way for Theresa May to cling to power. Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams was also apprehensive and revealed concerns that the deal could be damaging for Northern Ireland’s peace process and even be in breach of the Good Friday agreement. Despite these obvious causes for concern, Theresa May announced that she had ‘formed a government’ with the DUP in a speech outside number 10 when she should have said that the Queen had asked her to form a government. In choosing the wrong wording for her announcement, May breached protocol.

The Queen and Prince Philip believed that Theresa May showed a ‘lack of courtesy’ and did not handle negotiations correctly and the delays caused the talks to run in to the state opening of Parliament and Royal Ascot.

It is believed that Theresa May was feeling uneasy and upset before visiting the Queen and had to have her makeup touched up due to crying. One Tory insider said that the Prime Minister was looking tired and wasn’t thinking straight after the election, which could have led to the passing on of incorrect information to Buckingham Palace. Mrs May was even offered a pep talk from an SAS soldier on the subject of resilience but she declined this.

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