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The Queen is hiring a Housekeeping Assistant

If you have been thinking that working for the Queen at her residence is a far-fetched ambition, you might want to be more optimistic.

For Buckingham Palace is hiring a Housekeeping Assistant with ‘positive approach’ to deliver ‘extraordinary service’ and gain new skills. Housekeeping or hospitality, as the job description makes it clear, is by no means essential.

The successful candidate will clean and care for interiors and items at the 313-year-old palace, from splendid carpets and furniture to historic vases and magnificent paintings. Responsibilities also include taking care of guests and supporting special events.

A job post on the Royal Household’s website read, ‘’This is no standard housekeeping role. You’ll work, and live, in stunning historic settings, ensuring that they are presented to their best for colleagues, guests and, of course, the Royal Family.’’

It goes on to inform applicants that ‘’Your excellent communication skills mean that you can adapt effectively to any occasion.

‘’It is a busy environment, but with good time management skills, you are able to meet the demanding deadlines.’’

The salary package for the 5-days-a-week job includes 15 percent employer contribution pension scheme plus benefits. Accommodation and meals are provided. The potential Housekeeping Assistant will be also entitled to 33 days holiday. Unlike with other openings, the Royal Household did not specify a salary range for this post.

The Master of the Household’s Department, under which the vacancy belongs, is the operational head of the “below stairs” elements of the Royal Household of Her Majesty. It handles everything involved in the official and private entertaining across all the Royal Residences.

Buckingham Palace is also offering a host of other roles, including a Secretariat Assistant, Operations Surveyor, Groundsperson, Property Project Sponsor and Ticketing and Sales Assistant Manager. All jobs can be viewed on the Royal Household’s job portal.

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