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The Queen is hiring a chef for £20,000 per year

The Royal Household often post advertisements on their site searching for the perfect candidate to add to their roster of excellent employees. Could you be the next viable candidate? Fancy yourself a master at preparing vittles? Could you see yourself in the modern, gleaming kitchens of Buckingham Palace creating every-day fare for The Queen along with complicated dishes to serve at state dinners and holiday meals? Then the position as chef at Buckingham Palace could be yours.

The official title of the position is Demi Chef de Partie. The starting salary is £20,604; a salary adjustment will be made if the candidate chooses to live and take their meals at the palace. If the candidate decides to take accommodations there, they will be surrounded by all the lovely opulence of Buckingham Palace. If you receive the position, you’ll be based at the palace, but will on occasion, be requested to travel and work at other royal residences. They will also receive a 33-day allowance and will have Bank Holidays off.

The advertisement found on the royal website for the position reads: “This is no ordinary Demi Chef de Partie role. In our state-of-the-art kitchens, you’ll prepare classical and contemporary menus for a wide range of events, learning essential skills that will provide stepping stones for a great career.”

This isn’t a job for a rookie chef. Indeed, one would need to have some experience under their belt to prepare some of the fancy fare served at state dinners.

The advertisement describes the working environment for the lucky candidate: “Joining our accomplished and close-knit team, you’ll work hands-on to deliver food to the very highest standards.”

It adds: “Working with quality ingredients and highly skilled colleagues, you’ll develop specific technical skills, rotating through all sections of the kitchen.

“Every day will be different. You’ll prepare receptions and state dinners, as well as staff lunches.”

  • Silvio Ranieri

    RE: Chef Position

    As a restaurant owner, I can tell you that for what you are offering as a salary you are not going to get anyone worth much. As a basic salary here in the US for a chef, I don’t think anyone worth their salt would even talk to you for less than $45,000.00 / yr. = 33,685.20 BP/year and that’s for just a run of the mill restaurant. A high end chef as you are requesting that you are in need of would probably demand much more of a salary. Someone there that created that offer is out of touch with the pay rates of the day.

    • Celya723

      The official title of the position is “Demi Chef de Partie”, one imagines it’s for a person of some real experience willing to trade income for the prestige of having worked or the Royal Family on their resumé.
      Plus the advantage of creating meals for guests from around the world.
      A working experience rarely found in the free world. Good Luck to the successful candidate.

      • Silvio Ranieri

        I totally understand the “position” and the “prestige” that is associated with it. However, in today’s worlds neither of those two things contribute anything towards paying the monthly bills that keep on coming and one’s retirement fund as one gets old sooner or later. The bottom line is what counts my dear and not much else am afraid if one wants to find someone that is of the caliber described.

        • Celya723

          Doubtful it’s a postion structured for someone with more baggage than what can be carried in one suitcase.
          Certainly nothing you’ve gone into here as a new employee.

    • PennieP.

      Well, shave off some for room and board.. Not a bad gig. 33 paid days off plus Bank days?
      Question : do they not eat on a Bank Holiday? Or raid the fridge for leftovers??

  • Gustav

    The Royal Family are notorious for paying well below the going rate for staff. The only attraction of working at the Palace is a notch on your CV. I am told the food is execrable anyway.

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