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The Queen grants Royal Assent to the Brexit Bill

Her Majesty The Queen has given Royal Assent to the bill authorising a British exit from the European Union. The Queen’s signature allows Prime Minister Theresa May to formally start the process of leaving the EU. The European Union Notification of Withdrawal Bill was accepted by MPs and the House of Lords on Monday, and The Queen had been expected to sign the Bill on Tuesday. There is speculation that Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, caused such a media furore by calling for a second independence referendum that The Queen postponed the law until today.

Royal Assent is required to make legislation in the United Kingdom law and The Queen has the power to make and repeal laws. Laws usually originate from the Houses of Parliament, either the Commons or the Lords, and experience a lengthy process of debate and review. Once the legislation has been passed by both houses of Parliament, it is then sent to The Queen in Her daily red boxes of state papers. There can be a slight delay here as Her Majesty has a great deal of papers to work through. It remains the case, however, that no bill can become law without The Queen’s approval.

Royal Assent, granted after a bill has been passed by Peers and MPs, is different from Queen’s Consent. Queen’s Consent is required for members of Parliament to debate a bill and has to be granted on issues which affect interests of The Crown.  The Queen has been asked to grant permission for a whole multitude of debates, covering everything from higher education, civil partnerships and identity cards to animal welfare and pensions.

In at least three cases since 1990, The Queen has refused Consent. This happened in 1999, when The Queen refused to allow plans to transfer command of the Armed Forces to the Prime Minister to be discussed in Parliament. The Bill would have effectively meant that The Queen would no longer be Commander-in-Chief. She has also jettisoned bills referring to House of Lords reform and the removal of Crown immunity. Some critics of the monarchy argue that The Queen should not have such a powerful veto, but it is generally accepted that Her Majesty acts in the best interests of the kingdom.


  • The Queen must free the UK from bondage,,,did she sign off on the UK joining the EU in the first place and entering slavery?? if so she is then responsible for all the grief the Kingdom has suffered, and should abdicate

    • The Queen has no say whatsoever in political issues. As Monarch and Head of State, she simply represents the country. The one who decides on matters relating to the state is the Prime Minister. Members of the Royal Family must be politically-neutral, and the Queen is no exception. Even though we have no idea of her thoughts on Brexit, she eventually have to sign the Royal Assent as requested by the Prime Minister.

      • UF

        Actually, Her Majesty did kind of give a hint about how she felt about this. I think it’s fair to say Her Majesty had little problem affixing her signature of assent even though it’s not technically required for matters to proceed.

      • The point being SHE ‘SIGNS’

  • Pbranham

    Europe was deceptive. Britain learned the hard think it’s all about free trade,etc..then you find out they had a diabolical plot to ruin Christian Europe and take away sovereignty. God says you are to have nations with borders.

  • Elisabeth Waldburg

    Scots are the eternal losers within the UK, they should vote for independence, following their own history. The House of Stuart was the last Scottish dynasty, which ruled in England and Ireland as well. Since the tragic “Glorious revolution” and the creation of the UK 300 years ago, Scotland has been a mere province from England, The ties with the EU are very strong, and they have to tell London, that’s it, no more English intruders in Scotland,. The can continue with the Queen like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others, or chose a more direct descendent of the House of Stuart or simply become a republic, I am sure that at least, in any of these possibilities is a win- win situation for Scotland.


    bableling idiots

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