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The Queen enjoys a private horseback ride near Windsor Castle

Just a few short months ago, The Queen was feeling low by a nasty cold that forced her to miss both Christmas and New Year’s Day church services near her Sandringham home in Norfolk. Both she and her husband were affected by a nasty illness which delayed their travel plans for the holidays. Yesterday, she was pictured riding on the banks of the Thames near Windsor Castle in Windsor with her Head Groom, Terry Pendry.

The Queen has been a lifelong avid rider and lover of horses. She once said that riding allows her to be “just another human being.” She allegedly had her first riding lesson at the young age of three, and animals have always been part of her life. She has also been known for making smart and winning bets at the race track.

Age has apparently, and thankfully, not deterred her from enjoying this past time. She will celebrate her 91st birthday next month on 21 April. She will most likely spend the day with her family. The Queen never takes a day off, and though we don’t know of any scheduled engagements, there’s still much that Her Majesty will do on her birthday. The country and the world won’t celebrate her official birthday until later in June.

The Queen’s husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, also still enjoys carriage driving at the spry age of 95. He has also been known to saddle up his horse and take private rides on his own. Of course, no senior member of the Royal Family is ever truly alone. Their security detail discretely follows their every move ensuring their safety.

Instead of choosing a helmet for her ride yesterday, Her Majesty opted for a silk scarf to cover her head. According to The Telegraph, The Queen always declines a “hard hat” because she wants to keep her hair in place.

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