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The Queen concludes each day with a glass of champagne

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth concludes each day with a glass of champagne before she goes and settles. One of The Queen’s cousins revealed that the 90-year-old monarch enjoys a glass of Champagne every evening. At lunchtime, the Queen is always served a gin and Dubonnet with a lemon slice and lots of ice in the glass.

“By success, you deserve it, by defeat, you need it,” said Winston Churchill once about champagne. According to the food website, prefer the Queen the Champagne from the marks Bollinger, Krug, Lanson and Pol Roger. Common to these brands is that they are suppliers to the royal court.

It is not recommended to drink alcohol daily, although, with Her Majesty’s longevity, there should be no harm. Once you have reached the Queen’s advanced age, there is hardly any health problems associated with a glass of champagne before bedtime. On the contrary – if it gives her joy and perhaps helping her well-being, good health and ability to continue to stand in a demanding job she must continue to do so, says an expert the Norwegian newspaper “Dagbladet” has talked to.

The fact that the Queen takes a glass of Champagne every night was first made public by “The Independent” in an article they wrote in 2012 but has the recent weeks created renewed interest in the media across Europe – possibly because several media outlets have been writing about the Queen`s Sapphire Jubilee.

As for breakfast, according to BusinessInsider, The Queen keeps things nice and simple in the mornings. You won’t find chocolate cake on her breakfast tray, but instead just “a few” biscuits and a pot of Earl Grey tea.

  • UF

    Is there a royal Alcoholics Anonymous?
    (Labored English translation of this article)

    • PennieP.

      Hey, after the disgrace her brood has been?
      I’d be hitting the Bottle pretty hard, too…

      • UF

        Agreed. And if one can afford Champaign why the hell not?

  • Sheila Kompass-Klandrud

    It’s sad to see that most people only have negative things to say. Wouldn’t the world be so much nicer if people weren’t so nasty and negative.

    • UF

      But so dull. Especially without folks with a sense of humor who can enjoy a harmless joke once in a while

      • Sheila Kompass-Klandrud

        The problem with that is that jokes are actually meant to be funny. Rude, nasty comments are not funny.

        • UF

          Have you seen those here? I must have missed them

  • nmfd72

    The biscuits are served with Tea when she wakes at 8:00 a.m. as she waits for her drawn bath water. Breakfast on the other hand is served at 9:00 a.m. and is always cold cereal with milk, a piece of fruit and of course another spot of tea.

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