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The Queen attends The Ashes

Yesterday HM The Queen attended the second test match of the infamous Ashes cricket series between England and Australia at Lord’s.

origin_3739800233 (1)The Queen spoke to the team’s management and match officials, then shook hands with the players before play began. The 87-year-old last attended the Ashes in 2009, also at Lord’s. Her Majesty wore a blue and white two piece suit and hat. 

The Queen did not stay for the whole match, watching for just an hour. Most tests though, last from early morning and can carry on until late evening, but this sparked rumours that Kate had gone into labour. (Today, two look-a-likes came out of Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s as part of a stunt by The Sun, this caused much stress to the press waiting outside in London’s 29c heat.)

The Ashes began in 1882, with a match at The Oval. The trophy for the contest is a small urn containing the supposed ashes of a cricket bail, which sits atop the wickets. A satirical article proclaimed English cricket had died after the English were defeated in 1882, and ‘the body [of cricket] will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia’. The series after became known as ‘the quest to regain The Ashes.’* The Ashes is held biannually in alternating nations in summertime – this year it is in England, and next year it will be in Australia.

This test series consists of 5 tests of which 1 has already been held. Her Majesty is sovereign of both nations, and so probably remained neutral in her support, though Richard Palmer (@RoyalReporter) said ‘two bowls players have described how the Queen did a fist pump when England won the first Test.’ I think we can safely say that The Queen is supporting England then. Privately at least!

Currently, England lead 264 runs with 7 wickets remaining. 

photo credit: 6tee-zeven via photopin cc


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