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The Queen attends reception at St James’s Palace in aid of Diabetes UK

The Queen celebrated the 80th anniversary of the well known charity Diabetes UK this week as she attended a reception at St James’s Palace.

At the event, Her Majesty met people who work with and support the charity as well as people suffering from the disease.

One person who the 88 year old monarch spoke to was the British football club – Liverpool’s manager, Brendan Rodgers, whose 19 year old daughter Mischa suffers from Type 1 diabetes.

Mr Rodgers said: “An event like this shows the seriousness of diabetes – if someone like The Queen is patron of the charity and is celebrating the work that it does.”

Mischa, who has had diabetes since the age of seven, also attended the celebrations. She said: “I have now got cousins around me who are seven years old. It is only when you look at them that you realise they are babies.”

“They are so young, and so to try and get your head around it, is quite a big thing. It makes you realise how young I was.”

The Queen also met a handful of people who work with Diabetes UK at the reception, where she took great interest about their involvement with the charity.

Before Her Majesty departed St James’s Palace, she was presented with a posy by Amber Clayton, an eight year old girl who two years ago found out she had diabetes. Before she presented her gift to the Queen she asked whether the moment was real or if she was dreaming!

3.2 million people in the UK are currently living with diabetes. Diabetes UK helps people by providing them with information, group support and campaigning on behalf of them.

It was established 80 years ago by novelist HG Wells and Dr RD Lawrence, as The Diabetic Association. Both of the writers suffered from the disease.

Featured Photo Credit: lizsmith via photopin cc

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