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The Queen appears as a guest on BBC Radio Show

The Queen has made an appearance on BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners Question Time to celebrate the long-running programme’s 70th birthday.

Delivering a short message on the show, the 91-year-old Monarch talked about her love of gardening and described how flowers and trees have given her a great “source of pleasure” since she was a child.

In the pre-recorded speech, she said: “I very much hope you have enjoyed visiting Frogmore House and Garden, which holds a special place in my family’s affection.

“Indeed, I would echo the sentiments of Queen Victoria who, 150 years ago, rode to this dear lovely garden, where all is peace and quiet and you only hear the hum of the bees, the singing of the birds.

“These days, there is more noise from the air than in 1867, but Frogmore remains a wonderfully relaxing environment.

“I’m not any sort of expert on gardening, but plants, trees and flowers have been a source of pleasure throughout my life.

“I have an early memory of my mother, Queen Elizabeth, being a hands-on gardener – a tradition that has been followed by other members of my family, and I know this passion is shared by your listeners, and many other people besides.

“As you mark the programme’s 70th anniversary, I send my congratulations, and wish you continued success.”

The radio programme had a feature on the royal residence of Frogmore House and Garden in Windsor. Her Majesty talked of the gardens with great fondness.

Gardeners’ Question Time features a panel of experts who answer questions posed by amateur gardeners.

It was first broadcast in 1947 and comes from a different location each week.

The show regularly attracts an audience of over two million, with more than 35,000 questions being answered in its long run.

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