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The Duke of Kent joins Her Majesty as she presents Scots Guards with new Colours

Yesterday, Queen Elizabeth, joined by the Duke of Kent, were at Buckingham Palace to present new Colours to the 1st Battalion and F Company Scots Guards despite the rain storm.


The Duke of Kent was joining The Queen as Colonel of the Regiment. Her Majesty is Colonel-in-Cheif. The Duke of Edinburgh is their Senior Colonel but was not at the ceremony of 2,200 guests; The Queen sent his best to the guards.

“I entrust to you these New Colours in the sure knowledge that they will inspire you to achieve excellence,” Queen Elizabeth told the guards.


After the presentation of the new Colours, the Scots Guard put on a parade, followed by “Three cheers for Her Majesty, The Queen!” to which the guards removed their iconic bearskin hats.

Back inside Buckingham Palace, The Queen and Duke of Kent met with retired and current soliders, as well as posing for a group picture of the historic moment.

The Scots Guards spent the last month preparing for yesterday’s ceremony with drill training and many rehearsals.  The approximately 250 troops in full-service dress and another 60 from F Company in their red tunics and bearskin hats had their practice pay off as they performed the ceremony to show they are ready for the honour.

Last time Her Majesty presented the Scots Guards with new Colours was in 2002 during her Golden Jubilee.

The Colours, also identified as regimental flags, were once used as meeting points on a battlefield to help troops guide their way.

The Scots Guards perform two roles. The first being the 1st Battalion, these guards undertake active tours such as Iraq and Afganistan.  The second role is the F Company that performs public duties such as the Changing of the Guard.

The history of the Scots Guards can be traced back 375 years.



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