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State Opening Of Parliament Confirmed For 8th May

Earlier today, Andrew Lansley, leader of the House of Commons announced that the State Opening of Parliament would take place on 8th May this year. The State Opening of Parliament is one of the grandest and most majestic of all the events in the Royal calendar. It features Her Majesty The Queen in full state dress (including the Imperial State Crown) parading to the Palace of Westminster.

Upon arriving, Her Majesty is greeted by fanfare and as she enters the house, with the stairs lined by one of the two regiments of the Household Cavalry, the Royal Standard is unfurled above Parliament before Her Majesty processes to the House of Lords to read the speech from the throne to members of both Houses of Parliament.

Traditionally, the State Opening was in November, though since what is known as ‘Fixed Term Parliaments’ came in, it has been held in the earlier part of the year.

This year it is on Wednesday 8th May.

The speech, which is not actually written by The Queen herself but written by her Government, features a kind of prospectus about what her government are going to do in the next year.

The State Opening is a grand state event meant to represent the power of The Queen as Sovereign and also having a practical use to outline the Government’s plans.

The BBC always cover the event live and we on Royal Central will be telling you more about the State Opening of Parliament as we get closer to the date.

photo credit: Ian Kershaw via photopin cc

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