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Souvenir china to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday

With Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebrations growing closer with each passing day, there is no doubt we will be seeing no shortage of the commemorative souvenirs becoming available.

One such collection is the gold-plated china released by the royal household, with a range including plates, mugs, teacups and saucers. The most expensive item is a plate selling for £89, there is also a £29 pillbox, £39 tankard and £55 teacup and saucer.

The range has a central design that features the Royal Arms surrounded by ribbons tied in a bow, roses, shamrocks and thistles that each represents a different corner of the kingdom. There are also forget-me-nots that are a traditional flower in April around the Queen’s birthday and cornflowers for the celebration of The Queen’s official birthday in June.

The commemorative collection will go on sale today, although The Queen’s birthday is not until April 21. Her birthday will be officially celebrated in June with a weekend of celebrations also taking place in May.

The Royal Collection Trust, a department that is part of the royal household wrote in an official statement that the china was made by 50 workers “using methods and techniques that have remained unchanged for 250 years.”

The Royal Collection Trust is a registered charity that oversees the majority of the royal art collection and the queen’s official residences. Crockery is often produced to celebrate special royal occasions, such as the Diamond Jubilee and the wedding of Prince William to Catherine.

The design process takes about 12-18 months before it is sold to the public, the member of the Royal Family whose commemorative event is approaching approves the design and are gifted the first off the production line.

Ian Grant, the collection trust’s production controller spoke of past collections, saying: “When Prince George and Princess Charlotte were born, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge approved each item and were presented with them.”

He went on to say Her Majesty also liked her range, but there are times where design changes are needed to meet to the approval of the Royal Family.

Anyone wishing to purchase the china for themselves can buy it on the Royal Collection website or in select gift shops near British palaces and castles. Over the next few months, limited edition items will also be sold.

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