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Sharon Stone left starstruck after meeting ‘pretty and lovely’ Queen

Sharon Stone has revealed she was left star-struck after meeting The Queen at a polo match in Windsor earlier this year.

The Hollywood actress was speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live when she explained she had been left in awe of the 87-year-old monarch.

Sharon Stone

Hollywood star Sharon has revealed she was left star-struck by The Queen.

“I got a call that I was invited to the Windsor Polo match to sit in the Queen’s box,” Sharon recalled. “So of course, I instantly changed my plans and said to my oldest son, ‘Come on, let’s go we’re gonna meet the Queen.”

Sharon, who is busy promoting her new film LoveLace, told the US host she had been very excited to meet the Queen and even nearly injured herself practicing her curtsy for the monarch.

“Of course I’d never met the Queen, I thought this is the greatest thing that’s ever happened. So we went, I nearly wounded myself doing the curtsy’s.


Sharon described the Queen as ‘pretty’ and ‘lovely’.

“You have to say ‘Your Majesty’ and then after the first time you have say ‘Ma’am’, I was so tongue-tied, once I finally managed to choke out ‘Your Majesty’ I realised I was actually looking at the Queen, and she is so pretty.”

“She is so lovely,” Sharon added.

Earlier this week, The Queen officially arrived for her summer holiday at Balmoral, although her majesty arrived nearly two weeks ago, she has been staying at another location on the huge estate.

The Duke of Edinburg is expected to join her next week.

photo credit: Siebbi via photopin cc

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