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Royal Maundy Invitee Accidently Throws Invitation in Bin

A man who was invited to the Royal Maundy accidently binned his invite.

The 88-year-old only found out when a representative of The Queen phoned to ask why he hadn’t replied yet. The reason being that he had thrown the invitation from Buckingham Palace in the bin after mistaking it for junk mail.

Clifford Newton is one of the 91 men, and 91 women who have are nominated for an honour at the annual Maundy Money service on April 13.

The celebration is for people who have been nominated in recognition of their work in the church and local community.  Those nominated this year will receive a specially minted coin.

The litter, mistaken for some dreaded junk mail, was from the Royal Almonry Office and contained his invite to the ceremony due to take place this week at Leicester Cathedral.

Despite the bin-mishap, a replacement invitation was sent to his local church.

Clifford Newton said: “When the Palace rang I said ‘You are having me on’.

“But then I did believe them and I was able to sign the paperwork at my church St Botolphs.”

Newton said he learned a valuable lesson from the incident. “You don’t expect things like this to happen and I will enjoy it when it does. All of this has taught me not to throw any of my mail away.”

Clifford attends his church and listens to pupils read. He also takes place in the Shepshed open garden event which raises money for charitable causes.

Despite being nominated, Clifford said that he had no idea why he was put up for the nomination.

“I’m not sure why I have been picked, but I think it may be because I set an example.

“I never thought I would be meeting The Queen and I am still not quite sure why I was chosen.”

Those nominated for the award will receive a £5 coin which commemorates the centenary of the House of Windsor and a 50p coin commemorating Sir Isaac Newton.

  • RoyalAustralia

    That was a nice story. I hope Mr Newton enjoys his day.

  • UF

    When one ages, one tends to be skeptical of most everything including being alive, until one has had the opportunity to read the obits. If one doesn’t see one’s name, it’s time for breakfast.
    I hope the Queen is made aware of this humorous tale and somehow acknowledges it.
    Seems to me No 10 might consider this gentleman for an Honour. Sounds as if his life has been one of service to others. Heaven knows honours are given out to some folks whose notoriety is the only reason. If they’re good enough for transvestite tennis players, this fellow seems fit

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