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Queen’s portrait returns to Westminster Abbey

A portrait of The Queen has been returned to Westminster Abbey and put back on display after being defaced by a member of the public earlier this year.

In May, the portrait was removed after Tim Haries, from Doncaster, South Yorshire, used a can of spray paint on the picture.


A portrait of The Queen has been restored at Westminster Abbey after being defaced earlier this year.

It was later revealed that the man was a member of the group Fathers4Justice, however the organisation was quick to stress it was not an official attack but did say the man was trying to gain the Queen’s support.

“The father is dad of two Tim Haries from Doncaster who was trying to petition the Queen for help before Father’s Day on Sunday.”

However, now the portrait, which was commissioned in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year has been restored and is back on display at the London landmark.

“I am thrilled that the painting has been restored in good time and that it can be returned to public display as intended,” the portrait’s painter Ralph Heimans explained.

“Westminster Abbey feels like the natural home for my portrait and I’m glad to see it back where it belongs in this remarkable setting.”

Earlier this week, The Queen revealed she is eagerly anticipating the arrival of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge’s first child.
The 87-year-old monarch revealed to children she would like the baby to be born soon as she will going on holiday next week.

“I would very much like it to arrive, I’m going on holiday,” the Queen told children as she visited Lake Windermere.

photo credit: Jon’s pics via photopin cc
  • Karim Sadrudin Juma

    This Beautiful Oil Canvas by Ralph Heimans was thrilled that the Painting at the Westminster Abbey was restored. This 9ft X 11ft Oil Canvas was vandalized and it was a shame that the incident was not anything that was symbolic in British Politics but was the criminal personal problems at home. What a Shame to take such an incident out on the Monarchy who loves her Kingdom and would never do anything to Hurt them. That is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who is just like a Beautiful Butterfly.

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