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Queen’s frustration at Theresa May and her ‘Brexit means Brexit’ secrecy

The Queen has become frustrated with British Prime Minister Theresa May and her closely guarded strategy for Britain’s departure from the European Union.

In an exclusive piece by The Times, Her Majesty was said to be “disappointed” after Mrs May declined to share the government’s Brexit strategy with her during a visit to Balmoral.

The Prime Minister stayed at Balmoral for a couple of days earlier in the year, and it was here where it was said that she disappointed the royals.

According to The Times, The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh were looking forward to the new Prime Minister visiting Balmoral. It has become something of a tradition for the incumbent PM to visit Her Majesty’s Scottish estate once a year where they an talk in an informal setting.

Mrs May and her government have been the subject of controversy and scrutiny since her administration came into power back in July. So far, she has not revealed any of her strategy for leaving the European Union, despite fierce opposition from all sides of the political spectrum.

The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in a referendum held in June by a 2% majority. The result of the referendum led to the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron, and Theresa May was coronated to the role a few weeks later.

Late on Thursday evening, Buckingham Palace reacted to the story calling it an “anonymously sourced conjecture.”

This is not the only instance of Her Majesty and Mrs May having an uncertain relationship. In November, Royal Central reported that Mrs May is planning to axe royal charters from the UK’s research councils, which generates £3billion per year into university laboratory funding.

A royal charter is independent from the government and gives scientists the freedom to carry out research of their choice. However, if the charter is removed from the independence of the Crown, there are fears that there will be political interference.

This is likely to anger The Queen when the issue will be raised at one of her weekly audiences with the Prime Minister.


  • nil_db

    Her Majesty is used to Her heads of govt. quaking in their prime ministerial boots. I’m sure May will be obediently clicking her kitten heels together before we see 2017.
    This story demands it.

  • Chris Lansbury

    Umm… didn’t ‘LEAVE’ win by 4% ???

    • The Werewolf

      No. Since there were only two ways to vote, any vote always increases one side and decreases the other by one. The”pass line” is exactly 50%, so you measure off that.

      51.9% means Leave won by 1.9% because it would only have taken a shift of 1.9% to make it a draw.

      • Chris Lansbury


  • Samijofood

    It’s OK a vote of no confidence will be next.

  • Terry Neale

    Ever thought that May doesn’t dicuss her Brexit strategy because she doesn’t yet have one? That she will be taking us out of the EU on a wing and a Prayer!

  • Martin Drienka

    One cannot help but suspect that it’s not that much about secrecy as about despair and incompetency!

  • hyufd

    Where have these leaks come from? The views of the Queen and PM on their meetings are meant to be entirely private.

  • ColdMonkey

    It is difficult to discuss a strategy when you don’t have one. The EU, in its own quiet way will be glad to see the UK leave. If you remember, de Gaulle did try to block British entry, and indeed was successful in doing so for several years. The small market loss from a British exit is outweighed by the political gains. In particular there is no advantage to the EU giving any particularly beneficial access to the UK. Out means out for the Europeans too. If you cannot come up with a winning strategy, better not to discuss it.

    ColdMonkey mines Gridcoin through generating BOINC computations for science…

  • Orchard 10

    And we know this HOW exactly ? The Times’ article is entirely unsubstantiated with NO attributable source. Everyone knows that the interactions between HMQ and her Prime Minister enjoy the ‘secrecy of the Confessional’, so this article is based on NOTHING.

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