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Queen under pressure to back Prince Charles, despite not wanting to sideline Princesses Beatrice & Eugenie

The Queen is under immense pressure to be seen to publicly support Prince Charles, despite not wanting to sideline her granddaughters, Princess Beatrice & Princess Eugenie.

This comes after a row between The Prince of Wales and Duke of York. Prince Andrew wants his daughters to carry out public engagements on behalf of the Royal Family, however, Charles wants a more streamlined monarchy so opposes the idea.

A senior member of the Queen’s court has revealed to The Mail on Sunday, that Her Majesty should be seen to publicly support the heir to the throne, but privately she agrees with Prince Andrew that the York girls should undertake more royal engagements.

The source said: “The Queen adores the girls and is keen for them to have some kind of a role. Charles’s vision for a streamlined family is all very well, but how can the Royal Family do everything it currently does with just five players?”

The two daughters currently do not undertake official engagements on behalf of the Royal Family. Prince Andrew would like them to be given tax payer funded roles and accommodation at Kensington Palace.

However, the heir to the throne, Prince Charles has reportedly intervened in the proposals leaving the ultimate decision to Her Majesty The Queen.

The York girls currently have no public role. However, with the senior members of the family ageing there are calls for younger blood to take up more responsibility. The Duke of Edinburgh is now 95-years-old, the Queen is 90 and their children are in their sixties.

Her Majesty has become more cost-conscious over the years and has slimmed down Monarchy with only a core six members of the family taking a major public role. While Prince Charles, William and Harry’s roles are certain, the same can’t be said for the rest of the members of the Royal Family. Over the past few years, The Queen has had to stop subsidising some of her more distant relatives. For example, Prince and Princess Michael of Kent had to begin paying rent on their Kensington Palace apartments which were previously supplied by The Queen.

What is your opinion on this matter? Should Beatrice and Eugenie undertake engagements on behalf of the Royal Family? Let us know by commenting below:


  • Marion Thorpe

    The Queen has a right to decide for herself AND she will! Obviously loves the girls and they would work hard for and with their Granny! Let them be!

  • luigi pasquali

    The Queen doesn’t want divisions in her own family. She wants everyone to get along as do all mothers. There are strong feelings on both sides and I happen to take Charles’ side but I know that my opinion doesn’t count. Hope that time will heal all wounds.

  • Mr. Christian

    Prince Andrew–and I have followed him for years, for better and worse–in my book, is more mature than Prince Charles’ after years of serving his country. Sometimes, unlike Prince Charles, he has put his life on the line. And, he does not muck around with such items as “spider memos;” but, with the years keeps his head on his shoulders, unlike Prince Charles of Arabia. I have been very impressed by the freely given charities and work, that his two daughters have chosen recently. Also, Prince Andrew is the only Royal of whom I know, who stood outside the Palace at attention, when the bands played a remembrance for the victims on both sides of our “slight disagreement” the American Revolution, also being honored by a solemn service with a large crowd by the Archbishop of the Anglican Church. Through thick and thin, I can now look at certain disagreements with Prince Andrew with humor. I think it was horrid of Prince Charles to insist on “culling” the Royal Family–as long as they stand–back to just five members. I have my own ideas and “position” on nobility. But, after a lifetime of work and reflection I hold Prince Andrew the better man in this power struggle which may have little to do with the Queen “pinching pennies.”

  • Mary Wallace

    Andrews just wants a free ride for his girls. What makes them more special than Ann or Edward’s children? Ann’s kids have done just well without doing public engagements for tthe crown.

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen

      Anne’s (not Ann’s) children are not royal. Beatrice and Eugenie are. If they want to pitch in and help the family, more power to them. HM, the DoE, Charles and his second wife, Anne & Alexandra aren’t getting any younger.

      • The Royal Blogtini

        IMHO that’s incorrect. The children of Princess Anne, The Princess Royal *are* – in fact – royal. And they are recognized members of the royal family. They simply do not hold royal or noble *titles*. As the grandchildren of the monarch in the female line they are not legally entitled to HRH or Prince/Princess styles.

        Similarly, The Earl and Countess of Wessex’s children are royal, although their parents prefer that they do not carry the HRH and Prince/Princess style. That said, their son, James is titled (Viscount Severn) and Louise is styled Lady Louise. Upon The Duke of Edinburgh’s death Prince Edward will become The Duke of Edinburgh, and James will, presumably, become The Earl of Wessex (leaving room for HIS son, if he has one, to be titled Viscount Severn).

        So, to say that they “aren’t royal” is incorrect. They are royal. They are in the line of succession. Legally James and Louise are entitled to the Prince/Princess styles, they just opt not to use them. Zara and Peter are not legally entitled to use Prince/Princess.

        That said, I agree. The York Princesses were brought up from birth with the expectation that they would assume their rightful role as senior members of the royal family, and that they would undertake royal duties. I’m not sure how Prince Charles expects the royal family to keep up their obligations in future once his parents are no longer able to and his siblings and cousins age-out. Even if The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry up their engagement game and do 300-400 engagements per year each, once Her Majesty, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Princess Royal, The Kents (The Duke and Duchess as well as Prince and Princess Michael), The Gloucesters, and Princess Alexandra opt out there is no way the royals can keep up their current level of engagements and activities. And let’s not forget, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall aren’t exactly young. It would be in Princes Charles’s best interest to allow his nieces to undertake royal duties immediately or they’ll find that “core” members of the family (Charles, Camilla, The Cambridges, Prince Harry + his future wife) will be over worked and under-appreciated.

        • Carolyn

          The last elder York Princess is our Queen. Seems strange that this generation of York’s might be excluded.

  • Joyce Jenkins

    I think Princess Beatrice and Eugenie

  • Karen119

    If Beatrice and Eugenie are going to “muck in” and perform royal duties then let’s get them started. But has anyone asked any of the senior, “outer royals” (the Kents, the Gloucesters, Princess Alexandra, etc) if they’re ready to retire? And shouldn’t William, Catherine, and Harry do more than they are doing?

  • Estelle Thomas

    The two princesses should be allowed to play a greater role, in that most of the senior members of the family are getting on in age. I believe that the queen will ultimately come to the latter conclusion. However, I do understand Prince Charles’ point in not wanting to milk the public purse. Perhaps there could be some happy compromise.

    • luigi pasquali

      and should be allowed to party and vacation at random.

  • Tom Waters

    It is not like the royal family matters anymore. If they want to have relevance then all of them need to be seen in public engagements. As always Prince Charles is wrong.

    • duchesschicana

      The York gals already show their support towards charity/causes. Princess Beatrice has a number of patronages she supports, including her patronage, the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre. She often shows her support towards raising awareness for learning disabilities, as well as other causes. Bea also recently shown her support towards a free eye care program in the Himalayas. Eug has RNOH which has to do with her scoliosis and most recently has been showing her support towards modern day slavery awareness.

  • Chip Dukes

    Please start proofreading before you posts. Too many mistakes.

  • Peggy Kiser

    I think it would be great to see the Queen’s grandchildren taking an active role on the behalf of the Queen. Charles needs to remember he is not the King yet. When he is king than he can change it his may.

  • Jacqueline Sidwell

    In my view, although Prince Andrew has a lot of good qualities and a lot more “normal life” experience than Prince Charles, such as fighting for his country in the Falklands war, his daughters aren’t really known to the population. They’re only seen rarely and then at celebratory events in general. I have read people saying that they’re a pair of airheads. I think, to counteract this view, and promote them as serious adults, capable of not only carrying out Royal duties, but being respected and wanted as visiting Royal representatives wherever they go, they need to be put into the public eye and their qualifications for the job shown to the public

  • P.L. Smith

    I am an American who has lived in Britain. The Royal Family is a family business; there are roles for everyone. If a granddaughter wants to go to work for the “firm”, then good for her! Put her to work!

    • luigi pasquali

      How about the granddaughters taking 18 vacations a year at tax payers expense?

  • Fran

    Who are we to say what the British Royal Family should do. Let’s take care of the problems here at home and leave them to mind their business.

  • Pauline MacPherson

    Absolutely.They are young and very close to the Queen because of their blood line being foremost and are great replacements of the older working Royals.The Gloucesters etc, who have been excellent thus far.Great to have some younger royals who are keen to work hard and believe in what the Royal Family stands for.

  • Wendy silver

    When the queen dies ( hope not soon) then let them in, we can’t afford to pay all these Royals.

    • robert

      The monarchy is the biggest bargain in the world. America spends 10 BILLION dollars on our Presidency, and look what we are getting. The costs of the monarchy are more than covered by the revenue from the Crown Estates. In fact, the Queen only gets 15% from the Estates revenue, the other 85% goes directly to the Exchequer, so actually SHE is supporting YOU.

  • Lena Stuart Lamothe

    You need to cut Charles out name William as your successor and ask him and Phillip their thoughts on whom should be attending more duties. I think your children should be picking up some of the load. And the Queen if she is, should stop treating Kate like a second hand person.

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