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Queen tweets thank you for birthday wishes

The Queen has tweeted a message to thank people who took the time to send her 90th birthday messages on social media.

Writing on the Royal Family’s official account, @RoyalFamily, the Queen wrote:  “I am most grateful for the many digital messages of goodwill I have received and would like to thank you all for your kindness.”

The 90-year-old monarch signed off the message with “Elizabeth R”.

After the message was sent, Buckingham Palace posted a photo of the Queen as she typed the tweet on her tablet.

This is only the second tweet Her Majesty has ever sent. Back in 2014, when opening a new exhibition at the Science Museum in London, she sent a message on the same account using an iPad.

Within a couple of hours after the tweet was sent, it has generated over 4,000 retweets, and 10,000 likes.

Her first tweet read: “It is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibition today at the @ScienceMuseum and I hope people will enjoy visiting. Elizabeth R.”

The Royal Family’s social media presence has grown rapidly over the past year, with their Twitter account becoming more active as well as undertaking a full overhaul and rebranding of the British Monarchy’s website.

Earlier in the year, Buckingham Palace advertised for a Head of Digital Engagament to run the Queen’s social media, offering a £50,000 a year salary.

With more than 2.35 million followers, the Royal Family’s account is one of Twitter’s most popular profiles.

The Queen has thanked people for their birthday wishes many times, having celebrated her official birthday a couple of weeks ago.

In a speech on The Mall last Sunday, Her Majesty said:  “I much appreciate the kindness of all your birthday wishes and have been delighted and moved by the many cards and messages I have received.”

She then joked: “How I will feel if people are still singing Happy Birthday in December remains to be seen.”

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