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The Queen to return to from Sandringham

Her Majesty The Queen is to return from Sandringham Estate within the next week or so.

The Queen’s return to London is expected to be sometime early next week, having spent accession day (6th February) at Sandringham as Her Majesty traditionally does. The Queen will reside back at Buckingham Palace after her Christmas break at Sandringham, therefore meaning the Royal Standard will be flying above the Palace once more.

The Queen is to return from her Christmas holiday within the next week or so

The Queen is to return from her Christmas holiday within the next week or so to continue a busy schedule of engagements

Leaving her country retreat in Norfolk will, perhaps, be a time tinged with sadness for The Monarch. Accession day, when the then Princess Elizabeth officially became Queen, is 6th February – therefore it is also the anniversary of her father’s, George VI, death. He died at Sandringham House whilst Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were in Kenya, on tour of the Commonwealth.

Since The Duke of Edinburgh is expected to stay on a little longer at Sandringham, The Queen will be alone as she settles back into Buckingham Palace. This is before they both embark upon busy schedules, with Prince Philip showing little sign of slowing down despite his 93rd birthday in June.

The Queen has two official engagements for this month, including a reception for the appreciation of dramatic arts, and The Queen’s Anniversary Prizes for Higher and Further Education, with a reception at Buckingham Palace. Next month holds a further nine confirmed engagements for the 87-year old Monarch. This follows a busy 2013, when the Queen carried out 344 engagements in total – almost one every day.

Two overseas trips are also planned for The Queen later this year. The first is a 3-day visit to France for the anniversary of the D-Day Landings of World War II, which will take place in early June. The second trip will be to Rome in April, rescheduled after the trip was cancelled last year due to The Queen being taken ill. It is, however, only a day trip; long-haul travel was ruled out last year, and these trips abroad are expected to be Her Majesty’s last. The offices of Prince Charles and Her Majesty have recently merged; a sure sign The Queen is passing more responsibilities onto The Prince of Wales, including travelling abroad for state visits.

With the centenary of the outbreak of World War I this year, events on the continent are to be expected, although it is unclear if The Queen herself will attend such ceremonies. However, we do know that, for now, Her Majesty will be continuing with her ever-busy schedule back in the heart of London at Buckingham Palace.

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