Queen Given Edible Chocolate Model Of Windsor Castle & Irish State Coach

6 April 2013 - 02:32pm
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The Queen, 87 this month, was rather impressed by the model of the Irish State Coach and Windsor Castle which was made out of chocolate.

The producers of this item said it took them 7-8 days to make and was based largely on photographs and seeing the real thing.

“We went up to the Royal Mews [in London], took a photo of it and made all of this out of chocolate”, The Queen was told.

The Queen was told the model was ‘entirely edible’ and that it would be delivered to Windsor Castle later that day.

The Duke, in typical fashion, inquired, “are you expecting it to be eaten or?..”


“It’s entirely up to you,” he was told.

The below video, courtesy of ITV shows the moment of presentation and The Queen meeting the skilled chocolate artists who produced the chocolate model.

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  • Tahira Nawaz

    Its wonderful,so innocent,so charming…

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