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Queen Elizabeth must confront King of Bahrain at Windsor Horse Show

The rights groups Reprieve, Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain, Index, ECDHR and Bahrain Institute for Rights & Democracy are calling for Her Majesty to confront the King of Bahrain at the Windsor Horse Show over the “deterioration” of human rights in Bahrain.

In a letter to The Queen, the rights groups said: “King Hamad … who sponsors four events in the show, is directly involved in the serious deterioration in the human rights situation in Bahrain that has taken place in the last year.

“Bahrain uses the prestige of the Royal Windsor Show to whitewash its human rights abuses, and the close relations they enjoy with the horse show and the royal family are a source of considerable reputational risk.”

A spokesperson for Reprieve said in a statement: “Make no mistake, visits like [the Windsor Horse Show] gift the Bahraini government a royal cloak of acceptability, while the Kingdom mercilessly executes political prisoners and uses torture to extract ‘confessions.’

“Instead of drafting in the Queen to cosy up to King Hamad, the UK must urgently protest Bahrain’s use of torture and executions to silence opponents.”

Calling for the end of “white-washing” the abuse.

The British Government has given large sums of finances to support their criminal justice system despite the human abuse allegations.

After a six-month hiatus, authorities resumed executions, putting three political protestors to death on “forced confessions.” Another 13 citizens are on death row, six of them this past March.

The Bahrain’s King Hamad has been seen next to The Queen at other high-profile events in the past. One of the most notable was when he was seated next to Queen Elizabeth during her 90th birthday celebrations. The sight of him seated next to her lit up Twitter and political commentators as to why someone with human abuse allegations against him would be allowed such a prestigious place.

The Windsor Horse Show also houses a ‘Kingdom of Bahrain’ lounge, as Bahrain is a sponsor of the show.


  • RWJ

    So let’s get this right. The UK Govt funds the Bahraini justice system and HMTQ is urged to tackle the King at a horse show? Maybe the UK Govt should stop funding the Bahraini govt or better monitor its funding. Ridiculous proposition which would compromise HMTQ.

    • Sguest

      While I certainly agree with your conclusion, it is not correct to say that “the UK Govt funds the Bahraini justice system”. The UK only funds certain improvements to the criminal justice system such as providing an ombudsman for the Bahraini prison system. I know that there has been a lot of criticism of this but it is difficult to find a balanced opinion because the criticism seems to be almost exclusively from ‘rights’ groups and left wing papers such as the Guardian. However, I think you are right that the UK should better monitor its funding – and all other overseas funding that it provides!

  • ame

    Your headlines are turning into clickbait. 🙁

  • UF

    Her Majesty appears to be having a real bang-up time sitting next to the Bahrainian baddie. So what should she do, haul off and knock him out with her handbag? What gnat brains.

  • Jeff Schueler

    He bankrolls most of the event, the gets to set with the HBIC. Follow the trail of money right to the throne where she sits on her Royal ass. Screw human rights abuses, there are races to watch!

  • Sguest

    So what do the ‘rights’ groups think the Bahraini government should do when it is faced with a long-term attempt by that evil supporter of terrorism, Iran, to take over Bahrain through the duping of its Shiite population? Hand out sweets? I know Bahrain very well and I know whose side I am on!

    By the way, King Hamad is an Anglophile who speaks absolutely flawless English. We should be supporting him – he is on our side against terrorism!.

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