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Queen Cancels Swansea Visit After ‘Coming Down With Gastroenteritis’

Her Majesty The Queen is taking time off from official duties, staying at Windsor Castle after coming down with ‘ gastroenteritis’. No news has come through about whether Her Majesty will be able to attend Rome later next week.

The BBC’s Peter Hunt is just reporting now that Her Majesty The Queen is suffering from a bout of gastroenteritis and has cancelled a trip to Swansea tomorrow as a result. Her Majesty was supposed to be presenting Welsh leeks for St David’s day to Royal Welsh but has taken the extremely rare step of pulling out after coming down with gastroenteritis.

Gastroenteritis (more commonly known as stomach bug)  may occur due to consumption of improperly prepared foods or contaminated water or via close contact with individuals who are infectious. The way to manage the illness is through plenty of drinking and oral rehydration solutions.

Her Majesty was supposed to present St. David’s Day Leeks to 3rd Battalion The Royal Welsh at the Guildhall, Swansea. No other engagements were planned for the day but in a few days’ time The Queen and Prince Philip are expected to travel to Rome on a 2-day trip.

Peter Hunt reports, “according to Buckingham Palace, [The Queen] will spend the weekend at Windsor and will be “assessed in the coming days”.

There is now speculation that another member of the Royal Family might take the Queen’s place on the upcoming visit to Rome, should she not recover in time, which royal watchers are saying probably will be the case.

Likely alternatives to The Queen (unless it is cancelled, which is possible) could include the Prince of Wales, Prince William or even just Prince Philip on his own.

The official statement from Buckingham Palace reads:

The Queen will no longer visit Swansea tomorrow as she is experiencing symptoms of gastroenteritis. She will be assessed in the coming days. Her Majesty is currently spending the weekend at Windsor, as usual.

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