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Queen And Duke Of Edinburgh Attend Royal Maundy Service

Her Majesty The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have just completed their traditional Royal Maundy service, this year at Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford today.

The Queen and the Duke attended the church where Her Majesty presented coins to older members of the local community. The traditional maundy service was conducted this year at Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford.

The traditional service, where Her Majesty hands out ‘Maundy Money’ to local pensioners as a reward for notable work in the local community.

Her Majesty handed out two purses to each recipient, of which there were 87 men and 87 women, representing one man and one woman for every year of The Queen’s age this year; one white purse which contained uniquely minted Maundy Money. This takes the form of silver one, two, three and four penny pieces, the sum of which equals the number of years the Monarch has years of age. Then a red purse which contained a £5 coin and 50 pence coin commemorating the 60th anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation.

Photo credit: JP Spencer on Twitter

Photo credit: JP Spencer on Twitter

Crowds began gathering outside the especially setup railings at around 8am today. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived at Oxford at around 11am today, where they were greeted by large crowds cheering. The Queen and the Duke then went inside the Cathedral where they engaged in the traditional Maundy service, handing out the coinage to the 174 designated recipients.

The tradition, which goes back to the 13th century, is designed to reflect how Jesus washed the feet of his disciple, showing humility. English Monarchs previously also washed the feet of the poor; though this stopped at the outbreak of diseases such as plague.

The Queen has distributed Maundy on all but four occasions since coming to the throne in 1952, but this is the first time she has done so in Oxford. After the service, the Royal party signed the Cathedral visitors’ book.

The Queen and the Duke are now due to attend a reception at the Deanery and lunch as guests of Oriel College.

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